Ninety-nine years ago, on this day, one of the most famed and mysterious tragedies took place in the wee hours of the morning. The product? A horrible loss of 1,500 people… and an ignition in the imagination of future generations.

I know, it’s been almost fifteen years since the over-everything-ed movie came out and ruined the mystery and magic for everyone (well, enhanced the romance of the event until Celine Dion belted out that chorus for the 90,000th time – which caused the romanticism to reverse, and now we all “hate it”). I was fortunate to grow up around large, beautiful bodies of water, and have spent many nights rocked slowly to sleep by waves. In meditation, I hear the crashing of the tides and look for driftwood – it feels like home. The northwest infuses you with the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound as soon as you’re born, and if you’re from here and have no internal pull towards big water… I’d like to shake your hand, then ask you how you broke the bond.

I’ve always kind of been the one to romanticize the horrible – Jen is the same way. It’s how we initially bonded. We’d talk about the cultures of the past that mysterious vanished. It’s my imagination’s favorite place to be… Dissecting and reliving the most unusual events. The fall of the Titanic is no different. Although, those who lost their lives in the Titanic tragedy never disappeared into oblivion, in my head – they simply disappeared… into the sea.

They grow old, the young have families and their worlds bcome thick and blue. They’ve had the unique, unheard of opportunity to experience a life that most of us can only dream of – literally. Somewhere, they’re still there… the future generations creating civilizations and new artifacts for the curious children, thousands of years from now. Some stay off the coast of Newfoundland, where their historic ship took its last breath, and others explored the enormous, submarine universe – the vast majority of which of which human eyes have never seen.


Arctic Mermaid by Allison717

Lives continue as you’d expect… People meet, they fall in love, they create families. Currency below the water is irrelevant. The food is bountiful and the sound of percussion instruments and pieces of the old orchestra (who went down with the ship while playing Nearer My God to Thee) through the water is unlike any symphony that could be heard in dry air.

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Kind of makes you thirsty, doesn’t it?

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