7 Fall Boots under $50

While the temperature in the Pacific Northwest has been hovering around the REALLY HOT, that doesn’t mean that autumn is stalling. Before long, we’ll be reminiscing about the day we thought the heat would never die.

We’ll be wrapped up in blankets, taking shots of whiskey and watching Jersey Shore trying to raise your body temperature without losing consciousness.

I highly advise that you prepare for this inevitable moment by picking up some boots. Because that is my game plan and I can only suggest that which I have in mind for myself. You know? Trust and shit.

To assist with your whiskey fund, here are…

7 Fall Boots under $50

BC Footwear Over Easy Boot | $46.72

MIA Corporal Boot | $35.98

Bianca Boot | $19.99

Blowfish Hadiyah Wedge Boots | $44.50

Kensie Girl Kalianne Boot | $30

Blink Distressed Boot | $45.74

Miss Me Rae Boot | $30.22

What boots are you eying for the coming season?

  • Love the both of those wedge boots! I’m looking for a black pair, but nothing expensive since I’m not sure the wedge trend will last=.

    • I can definitely appreciate playing it safe. :) I hope you end up giving wedges a go!

  • Just picked up my first boots for the inevitable week of winter that Southern California experiences. ;D Old school combats.

    • Nice! Docs? Or something else?

  • Okay, I’m ready for boots….and so is the weather here in Seattle. Ha Ha! :)