Adventures in Lipstick: Bold, Bright, Barbie Pink

Last week, I finally got to try the Borghese B Moisture Advanced Care Lipcolors that Lindsay and I were sent for review. (Lindsay’s review of the Carnivale Red lipcolor can be found here.) I grabbed orange first, then purple, and finally the color I was most nervous about: a bright, wild pink.

It’s called Primale Pink, but it doesn’t feel primal to me. In fact, it seems to me to be the exact opposite of primal…something modern, made up, and ultimately fake, even plastic.

Barbie Pink.

Because I had been bored earlier that day, I was wearing WAY more makeup than usual: lots of eyeliner, some shadow, and even slightly darkened brows. After applying Borghese Primale Pink, and dissecting its benefits and drawbacks, we decided that if I was a Barbie, just for one day…

…I’d be a Riot Grrl Barbie.

“We can do it! Build a new Barbie!”


And you know what? I ain’t mad at it.

I thought I would be. Bright pink? Almost neon bright pink? When and where would I put that on my face? But I found myself checking the mirror and liking what I saw. I’d do the rest of my makeup a bit differently – probably not Barbie Blue eyeshadow, but definitely cooler tones – but that being said, I think I’ll actually wear Primale Pink at some point this summer. On purpose.

It’s fun, you know? Fun, and a little ridiculous, and totally unexpected based on my usual style.


Like Lindsay, I was surprised and pleased by how well Borghese wears throughout the day. It doesn’t smudge easily, and though it comes off while I eat, I’d rather that than have it stain my lips with weird gross chemicals. It doesn’t dry out, either – definitely moisturizing.


You can snag Borghese B Moisture Advanced Care Lipcolor from their website for $24.

Would you wear hot pink lipstick?

  • Oh I absolutely love you guys in these bright lipsticks! Honestly, why the heck not?

  • That shade of pink looks so great on you! Very fun and vibrant for summer!

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  • Oh i’d definitely wear a hot pink lipstick (I own a few that are a little bit less shocking but in the same family.) Probably not a $24 one! It does look a bit barbie on you, but in a good way. What did the orange look like?

  • yes i would and it looks great on you! wow, so bright….never seen one quite THAT vivid lol

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  • You look great! I love your style!

    Lois xx

  • Great article, i simply adore it. Thank you for having this great blog! Keep up the good work!

  • But this shade is not for you. Too bright and harsh. A softer pink the color of your cheeks would be perfect.