Adventures in Shopping: DSW

The cure to any “off day:” shopping, duh.

Last weekend, we bounced through TJ Maxx and a couple other stores before crash-landing at DSW, or for those who hate acronyms, Designer Shoe Warehouse.

It’s too easy to walk through each aisle, throw your three bags and jacket onto the floor, throw off your shoes and camp out for three hours just trying on shoes and playing in the mud on the floor.

Here are some of our current favorites at DSW!

Report Bisett Oxfords: $89.95

These were amazingly comfortable and super flattering. The Report Bisett Oxford ($89.95) is now on my wishlist – I was running in these, literally! That’s how supportive they are. The embroidered wingtip is really cute, and just neutral enough to not mess with the color palette you can work with. Check out the height on these babies!:

4.5″ heel with a 1.5″ platform! Super comfy at only a 3″ heel. Perfect.

Crown Vintage Cove Wedge Boots: $149.95

Jen had/has some serious anxiety surrounding these boots. In-store, these bad boys were only $89.95, but on the DSW website, they are $149.95! If ever there were non-buyer’s remorse…

These were also immensely comfortable – we did more aisle-running to be sure – and just looked smashing with everything we had on. Always a dangerous situation.

Jen wrote a little love letter to the Cove Wedge Boots:

My Dearest Cove Booties,

I will miss you.

Our love affair was short but fierce: we saw each other from across the room, and we just knew. You cradled me in your soft leather, and we ran and jumped and played, excited for the joy of our lives, together.

When I saw what it would cost to be with you forever, I was torn. Could I give up that much of my money life for you? What about my dreams, my goals, all the other shoes I could buy for the price of you alone?

You warned me that now was the time. You told me that if I waited, I may never have you. Well, Cove Booties, I am here to admit that you were right.

On that fateful day you were $89.95. Now you’re $149.95.

I wish you all the best.

Forever yours, but only in my heart,


It’s a sad day.

Wanted Graham Oxfords: $29.94

Welcome to the first actual purchase of the day. As soon as Jen laid eyes on these metallic masterpieces, she knew she’d buy them. Hell, even I thought I would buy them. They have the perfect oxford shape, the perfect sole, the perfect level of visual interest with the high-shine metallic gliver (gold + silver) wingtip… They’re just heavenly. Jen snagged them at the end of the day – no questions asked.

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Aren’t they just smashing?

SM Alva Wedge: $99.95

An admitted splurge, but we couldn’t resist the shape of this boot! It was terribly unstable, and the toes were constantly off the ground (elf shoes?) unless you were mid-step. They were so smooth and pretty and chic, though! Though, I felt a bit Santa-ish…

Ho ho ho?

Levity Thelma Pump: $69.95

Levity is a new brand for me – but I won’t be forgetting the name too soon, that’s for sure. They had a ton of high-style, affordable, really sexy heels. These Thelma heels were astronomically tall and a bit narrow, but man they were gorgeous! They came in this burgundy and peach combo, and also in a basic gray and black. Both suede-y, both super hot.

Levity Hayden Pump: $64.95

Another beauty from Levity. These were so pretty! Jen wanted to wear them with all the socks and all the tights.

SM Veneza Sequin Pump: $39.94

I couldn’t resist these gigantic, black masses of sparkly.These were pretty insanely uncomfortable, and the toe box was really, really narrow and tight, but LOOK AT THEM! They are gorgeous and full of sequins and would look amazing with ankle-length tuxedo pants, am I right?

Epic socks, right?

Tell us about your latest shopping adventure?

  • I don’t see how any high heels could be comfortable

  • I LOVE oxfords! I found a pair of cognac brown Steve Madden oxford wedges- I knew I had to have them. Love those metallic ones for $29!