Alice + Olivia: The Hair

As I was looking through the Fall 2011 line for Alice + Olivia, there’s one thing I noticed but didn’t mention: the hair.

Each model had her hair styled by the Sebastian hair team, headed by lead stylist Thomas Dunkin, and they all received a relaxed, sometimes messy twist on the classic chignon.  We were lucky enough to receive exclusive backstage photos of the models, posing with their teased and twisted tresses.

Creating a chignon is surprisingly easy.  In fact, when I used to dance (six days a week – I miss it!) the fastest way to prep was to tie a ponytail, twist, loop and pin.  Once you get the hang of it, you’re done in five minutes, tops.

Oh, to be a model, sipping champagne in stunning clothing…life’s hard.

Look at those faces. In fact, every single one of these models is candid perfection, especially smiling.  (How rarely do you see models smile nowadays?)

Please please PLEASE click on these images so you can see the details.  They’re super high resolution, which means you can see all of that amazing texturing I talked about.  And shiny nude tights!

(See?  Shiny nude tights! Does anyone else remember these from a childhood dance recital?)

3 thoughts on “Alice + Olivia: The Hair

  • February 17, 2011 at 11:49 am

    I swear, the last two fashion weeks have made me love my hair pulled up in a bun more than ever. I’ve been playing with styles similar to this for a while, but my hair is still too short to create a sufficient chignon, but not having to put heat in my hair because it’s up has done wonders for its growth.

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