Alice + Olivia: Separate Eccentricities

The twenties were in full roaring fashion during the presentation of Alice + Olivia’s Fall 2011 collection.

As much as I love the twenties – in fact, I’m a sucker for them – I couldn’t help but cringe at some of the more…direct interpretations, of both the roaring twenties and the colorful, suede-boot-filled seventies.  (Click each image to make it larger.)

Be that as it may, the overwhelming majority of this season’s designs by Alice + Olivia had so much charm.

All this texture makes me really, really excited. It’s bottom-focused, which can be scary when you first try it, but I guarantee that the moment you walk out the door in a pair of color-rich tweed pants or a thick floral skirt, you’ll thank me. Combined with a body-skimming tops and a boxy jacket (fur! so much fur!) it’s classic…and looks good on almost any body shape.

(Along with some skinnier numbers, Alice + Olivia used a number of wide-leg and flared pants this season.)

Along with all this color and texture, my favorite thing about this coming fashion season is its wearability.  After years of argument-starting trends (which are bullshit – tunics and skinny jeans are for everyone, fat girls included!) fashion has begun to move toward cuts that are traditionally more versitile: straight- and boot-leg pants, body-skimming skirts and dresses, and enough coverage to keep both A- and D-cups from having wardrobe malfunctions.

Flapper-inspired designs by Alice + Olivia:

Love them or hate them?

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