Bow Down: Tie-Neck Blouse Revival #638

This is easily the third time I’ve seen this style come back into popularity within the last decade. People can’t seem to get enough of the 70s-esque, secretary-loving, tie-neck blouse.

I mean, the tie-neck blouse been in and our for the last 40 years – I guess that’s enough to earn it a place as a “timeless classic,” don’t you think?

Sunday C. on Lookbook in a Gap blouse.

I used to own a top like that, and it was absolutely dreadful. It wasn’t my fault, it was the shirt’s fault – swear. I wouldn’t joke about this. It had elastic cuffs on the wrists and had an immensely cartoon-y peacock design (which was so sad because peacocks are my favorite!). It only buttoned up to the middle of my boobs, which was awkward for at least five different reasons…

Rosa G. on Lookbook.

I feel like I’m owed some tie-neck blouse vengeance. I’m so into their versatility and ability to be really sexy, or really eccentric, or really preppy, or really grunge-y with only a few garment additions or subtractions. My favorite are the sheer blouses with a rougher texture, like the one above. My favorite finds on Lookbook all seem to be with lighter-colored blouses, but I don’t think I’m partial to the color? i also dig patterns, too. I just can’t find any good photos. People of the Internet: Please start wearing patterned, tie-neck blouses better, and put pictures online. Thanks.

Sharon N. on Lookbook.

Fortunately for those of us who are lacking in funds (you’re here, admit it, you’re broke as hell), these blouses appear to be everywhere. Due to that, I feel like I can be picky about my materials and my price point. One of my favorite situations.

Tie-Neck Blouses Under $50

Lord & Taylor Chiffon Blouse: $21.99

This is definitely a pattern that I don’t think will ever be irrelevant – definitely a safe buy!

Rafaella Tie-Neck Blouse: $23.99

This color is wonderful, but it also comes in an electric blue. The cuffed sleeves are so 70s!

Lauren Jeans Chambray Blouse: $39.99

If you’re into it. I’m not into it, but in case you’re into it, here it is.

ASOS Floral Tie-Neck Blouse: $27.99

Death Stare not included.

Trouve Tie-Front Top: $49.90

#1: I love that color. #2: I would probably wear that top the exact way that it’s styled there.

Do you consider this top a “classic?”

  • Meg

    LOVE. <3

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this style of top. With that said, i’ve never felt like I could pull it off with my long thick neck. ; _ ; It’s been my dream to find one of these that I can rock.

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  • Nathalie

    Lindsay! I am so gald to have stumbled upon this blog! I am in love with the tie-neck blouse and was wondering if you could update it to 2013? I am desperately looking for a blouse besides the ones at American Apparel!