Budget At-Home Spa: Your New BPFs (Best Products Forever…s)

Whenever it starts to get dreary outside, I always think: stay home. It only lasts for a while, but when it’s murky and wet outside, gazing out the window while I’m safely wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea is one of my favorite feelings.

Taking yourself out to a day at the spa doesn’t just sound super gross when you say it, it’s also unbearably out of the B&B Lifestyle Budget. I’m sorry, does that say $60 to put crap on my face then wash it off? I’m pretty sure I can do that at home. Need to feel someone else’s hands on your face for the luxury aspect? Take a tip from the boys and sit on your hands for 10 minutes before applying a masque, then quit your bitchin’.

Pearl Aufrere

So, obviously, the first step to the at-home spa day starts in the bedroom. Take that however you want, but I’m talking about…


…What? You need to feel fancy, right? Of course. So you need a fancy robe. No pants!

Apt. 9 Vintage Garden Robe | $23.80

I mean, if you really need pants, you can have pants. But. It’s not recommended. It’s not endorsed by Broke & Beautiful. Pants = money and money does not = budget spa day.

Okay, next step: get your dirty, stressed out, deserving but into…

The Bath.

There are a few different routes you can go here, all basically depending on the day you had prior to the necessary spa day.

Here is your guide:

1. The Horrible Day Soak

You had no clean clothes this morning, so you smell like Febreze, your phone is at a constant 3% charge, you had a horrible phone call experience at work today, and a creepy person leered at you on the freeway as you drove home to your empty fridge.

It’s definitely time for bubbles.

Soap and Glory Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath | $14

Lemon, berries, bergamot and mallow will make you remember that life doesn’t suck, and despite the relaxation, the citrus will keep you energized just long enough to catch a revenge-themed movie on Netflix before passing out.

2. The Never-Ending Project

It’s been a string of 36 hour days, and your deadline is looming. You’ve lost all desire to eat, sleep, and general have feelings. Your throat is raw from coffee, and you only have so many string-cheese-and-diet-coke dinners left in you before you completely collapse.

LUSH Twilight Bomb | $4.95

Please. Go to sleep.

It’ll do as much for your skin & bod as any product ever could.

LUSH makes killer, killer bath bombs, and the Twilight bomb (no relation to sparkling vampires) is full of relax-y, comfort-y, sleepy vibes that will reset your emotional levels. Tonka beans smell at little like vanilla and offer that warm, squishy feeling of your favorite ice cream, and lavender is a known stress-reducer – it’s in about every aromatherapy product ever! Plus, once you plop this bomb in the bath, you can lull yourself to sleep in the glimmer of stars as they float around your tub! (Obligatory drowning precaution.)

3. Time To Get Saucy

The pre-date spa day is not necessarily… reasonable? Necessary? But it’s definitely a good idea. The right combination of pre-date rituals can amp up your sauce-factor a zillion percent. What’s more sexy that feeling super confident when you go out with the girls, or with a potential future partner?


red flower Bath Oil in Indian Jasmine | $18

It’s organic, it’s sensual, and it even has a sexy name (say it – it sounds sexy, don’t lie). I love the way that bath oil makes skin feel. Bonus points: this also doubles as massage oil.

Of course, getting out of the bath requires some special attention, too, in a little section I like to call…


There’s really only one thing I’m obsessed with here, and that is dry oil.

c. Booth Brazilian Nut Dry Oil Spray | $6.99

This is all you’ll need. Get out of the bath (or shower – use every time! I totally recommend it) and spray it on your damp skin. It locks in the moisture and releases this heavenly smell… Plus, you have some seriously silky skin to look forward to.

Jill Glindermann, winner of the Sun Girl Quest of 1953!

Okay, after the ever-necessary bath (or during, depending on how badass your time management skills are) & post-bath, you gotta take care of…

The Face.

I am a bigtime mask girl. All kinds, all styles, all methods. I love them. I long for them. I’ve written about budget face masks (there is a must-see photo of a 9 year old Lindsay in that post!) a few times and, well, here’s another!


mark. Calming Facial Mask | $9

This is perfect if your skin feels super dry. It has great ingredients like cucumber, green tea and aloe to replenish your beaten, battered skin and freshen ya’ face.


Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque | $4.29

The epitome of luxury, for me, is a thick mask that “prevents” me from doing much moving, speaking, or… well, anything. Just sit, treat your skin well, and look like a movie star. This Mint Julep Masque is one of my favorites, and I’ve been using it for almost 10 years!


Merlot Grapeseed Peel-Off Mask | $14.99

My first mask experience was with a peel-off. It was basically the most awesome/horrifying experience of my life. I had no idea what to expect, and… well, my face peeled off. Now I’m older, and a little wiser – much like a good wine, which brings me to this mask… Merlot? C’mon. This screams “wear me in the bath with a glass of red,” doesn’t it?

You know when you leave a spa, all of you – not just your face, not just your nerves – feel amazing. In order to really go the distance on your budget at-home spa experience, you’ll want to invest (super, super minimally) in some…


Natural Sierra Pumice Stone | $2.99

It looks terrifying, but what it does to your heels is divine. This is a must-have for every shower or bath.

EcoTools Facial Loofahs | $1.19

Okay, not only are these eco-friendly, but hello!! There are six for less than a buck-fifty! Are you serious? These are heaven for your face… You won’t be able to stop touching yourself. (Your face, c’mon.) (Extra Credit: More eco-friendly skincare tips on Awakened Aesthetic!)

Did we miss anything?

Namely, I’m really interested in the following:

  • What’s your favorite body lotion/moisturizer?
  • What is your favorite scent for skincare?
  • What’s the best part of the spa experience for you?


Probably watching Netflix.

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  • September 27, 2011 at 11:45 pm

    Fucking awesome post. Either of you guys ever tried an egg white mask? Like with honey and maybe ACV added? I’ve read good things but my skin is absurdly sensitive. You guys are da bomb.

  • September 28, 2011 at 8:32 am

    You have me craving a soak with Lush’s bath bombs! I’ve never tried one before, but now, I’ll be hitting up Lush to check them out!

  • October 6, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    joyous post! you make me feel good just reading this, but I think I’ll treat myself to a mask today…thanks for the reminders to pamper!

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