• Obviously for women who have a team of people to do everything for them, including wiping their butts.

    • i absolutely agree. but am i just so resentful because i’m an anxious nail biter? no, okay, you’re right; they’re hideous as much as they are impractical.

      ps, http://amandamantes.blogspot.com !

      • You could probably get everything out of your teeth with those nails, though! Haha. :) Toothpicks be damned!

  • i thought i was the only one NOT wowed by those….like, how do you not claw your eyes out or skin off when trying to do a simple scratch? they look deadly

    • Can you imagine putting on false eyelashes with those things? DANGEROUS!

  • Long nails are hideous and witchy. Do you know how much dirt gets trapped under them? Not to mention aesthetically they are up there on the tacky scale with darker-than-your-lips lipliner and corset tops. No thank you.

  • But think how handy they’d come in during all your late night knife fights!

  • I have stiletto nails and I can do everything with them. Obviously because I’m typing. lol. They’re much easier to live life with then french tips ect. The points actually make typing fairly easy.lol