Current Obsession: Sheer Tops Under $50

If I had to name one thing that almost all of my outfits have in common, it would be layering. I have something like ten cardigans, fifteen year-round camisoles (v-neck, lacy, silky, striped…) and if I have to wear only one thing on the upper half of my body, at any time of year, I feel a little uncomfortable.

To me, layers make suggestions: about our body’s natural shape, about my underlying mood. They add a little bit of mystery, you know?

No layering tactic does that more than sheer.

Sheer tops are the new cardigan, and I want them all: printed, plain, draped, structured, buttoned, plunging.

I always had trouble with button-up collared tops; they’re just not tailored for my bust-to-hip ratio. Sheer button-up tops, on the other hand, are perfect. Who cares if the size that fits my bust is too big in the waist? Let it drape, baby.

Now is the time for transition tops. Poofy three-quarter sleeves ward off the windchill, and the colors work for both late summer and autumn. It would also look nice under a jacket, worn in winter. TRIPLE LAYER. (Please cue an ominous roll of thunder here.)

This top harkens back to Lindsay’s summer inspiration post. Macy’s site suggests styling this top with a camisole, but I say it would look best over a form-fitting solid-color maxi dress…or a matching maxi skirt and tank.

Graphics have their time and place, and I like the way these catch my eye without overwhelming the sheer texture of the top. That second one would be perfect with a cardigan…triple layer part two! (Cue more thunder.)

Have you been wearing sheer tops this summer? Will you transition them into fall?

  • laura

    i love layering!! great post. lovin’ the sheer tops.