Currently Craving: Maxi Skirts

My personality errs on the side of non-committal. I don’t like to put any of my eggs anywhere without the option to put them elsewhere, or eat them, at any given time in the future. My egg-basket contracts are miles long, and even then, I sign with a fake name.

That’s why I’m so enamored with maxi skirts. Not only are they as easy as pajamas, but they’re also publicly acceptable. Dress it up, dress it down, pull it up (instant dress!), pull it down (instant indecent exposure!).

I am completely googly-eyed for basic, jersey maxi skirts. They don’t have all that extra responsibility of maxi dresses, which have all that “upstairs” business going on.  They are the perfect New York Cheesecake of fashion. You can put a bunch of fancy crap on ’em, or just shove a stick in ’em, dunk ’em in chocolate sauce, and sit on your couch and chow down. Maxi skirts don’t judge you.

Knit Stripe Maxi Skirt | $39.50

WANT. That’s all I can say – WANT. Look how rugby-cozy this looks. Skirt, meet couch. Couch, meet skirt.

Topshop Bright Blue Maxi Skirt | $36

So bright! So blue! I could see wearing this with just an oversized, white tee and big aviators and calling it good to go. Probably shoes, too, but you know. Details.

Sonoma Modern Fit Maxi Skirt | $24.99

Basic. Perfect. You’ll use it forever. At that price, it’d be hard to justify not picking one up.

Vivienne Vivienne Tam Maxi Skirt | $29.99

See that high waist? That’s some serious, figure-flattering stuff right there. You could get seriously Little House on the Prairie with this skirt (oh, and I would, you better believe it).

Tiered Florl Maxi Skirt | $34.99

Don’t be so surprised to see florals here… ‘Tis the season! Florals are the new crack.

Are you on board with me here? Is this not the most appealing garment you’ve seen in the last two months? Ashley (author of Style Umbrella) and I are both definitely hooked. We can have Twitter conversations about maxi skirts that go waaay into the evening. This is the sheer power of a maxi skirt.

Maxi skirts – building friendships using the combined sadness of two people who don’t have them. 

  • Ria

    I love maxi skirts, they are the perfect lazy day but put together piece.