Daily Motivation: The Eighties

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. It is maybe the best job ever… But that doesn’t stop work from piling up and giving me a sad. This is helping me get through the day today:

The Eighties

Nope, not the 1980s, never the 1980s, please let’s ignore the 1980s for a bit, hmm? No, the eighties I reference are that of the “80 percent off” type. I would be nothing if it weren’t for heavily discounted shiny things.

Moschino MA1603AC1O $114 (were $585)

Anna Molinari Metallic Knit Dress $180 (was $900)

Lumiani Fawn $33.30 (were $196)

Armand Basi Belted Taffeta Coat $137 (was $685)


Donna Karan Slingbacks $96.75 (were $495)

Thomas Wylde Riot Top $186 (was $930)

Epic sales courtesy of 6pm and The Outnet.