Giveaway: Are You A PLNDR Girl (or Boy)?

I was certain, for many years, that if ever it was discovered that each of us had a super-human inside of us, I would probably be a ninja.

I lived like this for a long time – too long, maybe. It wasn’t until I caught myself sitting barefoot on a boat, in the middle of the day, drinking a rum & coke before I realized the brutal truth… I wasn’t a ninja at all. It was clear that I was, and always have been, a pirate.

Here are some things I like about pirates:

  • They do whatever the hell they want.
  • They listen to and play really good music.
  • Epic sartorial style – admit it.
  • They get lots of neat things for free. Well, they go take a lot of things for free – but I can get behind that!

There are some things about pirates I’m not super crazy about, but those things don’t matter. Shh, stop. Don’t think about it.

I’d been browsing around Karmaloop one day, as I’m wont to do (streetwear fanatics, hello!), and ran across this vowel-less wonderland, and knew it was going to be a problem.

A really good problem.

SHINY. is like the love child of Karmaloop‘s super urban, loud, sassy streetwear company and the snooty, high-fashion-toting, sample sale sites out there. Basically, it’s got all of the bargain-lover’s favorite things – up to 90% off name brand opportunities, timed sales, and an constant influx of new and amazing designers – but with the kick-ass attitude of a modern-day, city-dwelling… pirate? Well, crap analogy or not, you see where I’m going with this: style with attitude at prices that are just as sassy.

They call their prices “legal theft” – if that doesn’t hook a Broke & Beautiful girl, I don’t know what will.

Even their PLNDR blog is full of attitude! They cover everything from music to trends to interviews with intense shoppers.

Let’s be honest: no one would buy a car without a solid test drive, so please allow me to show you my wishlist a couple pieces from their current sales – one of which is 80%20, one of Jen and my favorite shoe brands, designed by Ce Ce Chin.

50% and 39% off, respectively. Swoon.

As far as clothing goes – they’ve got an ample amount of both men’s and women’s clothing up for sale at all times. One of my current favorite lady-sales: PLNDR BLNDR. What is it? Well, I have a feeling it defies definition, but the bottom line is this – deals starting at $1. That’s BEYOND budget fashion and straight into ridiculous-insane-great deals.

Especially considering the PLNDR BLNDR offerings include Alternative Apparel, Cheap Monday, Converse, and Lira.

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Even better than all of these crazy deals all in one place?

PLNDR wants to give you $100 to shop there. Free! $100 for free!

Seriously. They know that Broke & Beautiful is harboring tons of other PLNDR girls, and maybe even a few boys. Being that the pirate community is generally pretty tight knit (monthly potlucks, etc.), it’s only courteous of them to share the wealth and introduce you to their largest source of booty.

How does one get this free $100?

Well, you can start by doing any or all of these things:

  1. Mandatory: Leave a comment telling us why you’re a PLNDR girl or guy!
  2. Extra Entry: Become a fan of Broke & Beautiful on Facebook.
  3. Extra Entry: Become a fan of PLNDR on Facebook.

Important: You must fill out the form in this post in order to claim your entries! 


The giveaway starts NOW and ends Monday, October 31, 2011 at 11:59pm!

  • Alyson

    Why am I a PLNDR gal?! Because I love fashion, I am a shopaholic, I want to by stylish, I LOVE a good deal, and I can’t afford the fashion I love!! So these sites and deals make me very happy! Yes, I am definitely a PLNDR gal!!

  • Why am I a PLNDR girl? I am ALWAYS shopping for a bargain! Clothes at 80% off? I AM SO THERE!

  • I’m a PLNDR girls because I’m broke but have a shopping addiction!!!

  • Jen

    I’m a PLNDR woman because I love fashion and I am perpetually brooooooke. Not broken! Just broke. Oh and also I’m a total ren faire geek and dress up like a pirate at every appropriate opportunity. Sometimes inappropriate opportunities as well. ;o)

    Haven’t done the liking on FB yet, but that’s because I’m at work and risk getting fired for frequenting social media sites. Hey, I’m a pirate but I still need the day job!

  • Alicia Pokipala

    I’m a PLNDR chick because I enjoy fashion and PLNDR has it all! They offer everything I love at a reasonable price, I practically shop there over three times a week! PLNDR CHICK all the way!

  • Ashley C

    I’m a PLNDR girl because I love exploring new trends and styles, and I’m a frugalista! I’m totally at home with the street vibe PLNDR and Karmaloop exude!

  • I’m a PLNDR girl because I love getting clothes on the cheap and anything that helps me do that!

  • Hi!

    I’m a true bargain hunter/thrifter at heart, but I still do love my brands like Jeffrey Campbell, Joyrich, Hellz Bellz, & 80%20 (just to name a few), so PLNDR is a great site for someone like me who still loves awesome brands, but wants to save alot of money! My mentality is you don’t have to spend alot of money to look good & PLNDR definitely represents that! :)


    Im a PLNDR girl because my insides beg for fashion while my wallet seems to always say no. so i shop plndr and get awesome deals on clothes for cheap and in short: it makes me one fashionably happy camper.

  • I’ve had an account at both Karmaloop and PLNDR for a while but I just haven’t jumped on anything yet. This would be the perfect motivation to buy!

    • Ugh I pressed submit before I was done, haha. I’m a PLNDR girl because the prices they offer on the brands they carry are great!

  • I’m a PLNDR girl because I’m always up to try out a new look and I love the awesome brands :)

  • I’m a PLNDR girl because my world is full of reasonable shoes, and momma really wants a fashoinable cute pair of boots this winter, please.

  • MJ Moore

    Basically the pea coat in the “why you should enter the PLNDR giveaway” post sold me!

  • Reema

    PLNDR is slightly amazing. I’m in love.

  • Andrea

    I didn’t even KNOW about PLNDR until Broke and Beautiful blogged about it but hey turns out I am a PLNDR lady now! As a social worker who is interested in fashion I’m all for great prices and new brands!

  • I am a PLNDR girl because I love great clothes at low prices! (AKA – I’m broke lol)

  • joy

    i’m a PLNDR girl because i am a born bargain-hunter! wherever the deals are, that’s where i’ll be! i love PLNDR’s stuff.

  • Amber

    I’m a PLNDR grrrrrl (pretend this is said in my best pirate drawl), because I was born with Jeffrey Campbell shoes on my feet and a credit card in my hand. Well, not really, but it would have been cool. I love PLNDR because they carry awesome brands, have fantastic sales, and because they know how to make a girl look good! (even with a wooden leg, arrrrgh!)

  • fatema

    i am a PLNDR girl because i am a shopaholic and i love everything cute and chic and trendy and lovely.. and it all equals to it!

  • malkatz

    I’m a PLNDR girl because I enjoy fashion, but have a limited budget. Le sigh….

  • I am a Plndr girl because i love great fashion at even better prices.

  • colleen b

    I’m a Plndr girl because I love shopping & I love discounts!! :)
    holliister at gmail dot com

  • Jay

    I’m a plndr girl because I love fashion but I don’t have any money, so I’m always on the lookout for great deals. Visit my blog for a lipstick giveaway and to learn about some websites with outrageous prices on some super duper cute clothing. (I’m talking heels and peacoats for $15!)

  • Holly S.

    Because when I find a great deal, it makes me say “Aaaargggghhhh”.

  • I love the street wear attire. Plus the brand they always have on sale are hot.

  • Chantal

    I love fashion & can “window shop” online for hours. Unfortunately, my wallet (or, ahem, the mister’s wallet) can’t really handle that all the time! PLNDR = love!

  • Kaylie

    I’m a PLDNR girl because I’m shopaholic and I love deals and high fashion!!!
    PLNDR always offers hot deals with high brand names which attracts me a lot

  • Kaylie

    I followed on fb under Kaylie Nguyen

  • Because I LOVE bargain hunting and PLNDR’s stuff looks great! :D

  • I’m a PLDNR girl because I love fashion & smart shopping!

  • Hofken

    Legal theft? Sign me up. I’ve been a PLNDR girl for years and never knew it!

  • shadab

    i am a plunder girl becoz if i am not feeling good and down with fever i like to go sales.any thing clothes shoes it could be any thing to make me happy

  • stylefriendly

    PLNDR appeals to me because I love fashion, clothes, and shoes at great prices.

  • Sena S

    I’m a PLDR girl because I’m stylish and fashionable without breaking my budget!

  • Shruti Kabo

    I love shopping and can love a good deal! :D

  • I’m a PLNDR girl because I love getting 80% off on amaazzzing clothes. I love all the designers on PLNDR. Awesome site, awesome giveaway. Thank you!

  • Liz

    Just discovered PLNDR today! thanks for sharing, and thanks for offering this giveaway!


  • I’m a PLNDR girl because I love street fashion and smart shopping!

  • Jenn

    I am a PLNDR girl because I love unique and interesting fashion, and try to mix things up whenever I can. However, I also try to be thrifty and not spend a lot when there are alternatives.

  • tracey byram

    I´m a PLNDR girl because I want to look good and feel good about how much money I spent.

  • Becca Malamud

    I’m a PLNDR girl because I’m always broke and always fabulous

  • I’m a PLNDR Girl because i’m in love with fashion and i just love PLNDR <333

  • WHY?! because PLNDR girl doesnt care! she makes statements particularly in fashion without thinking twice!
    i dont care what anyone thinks and the only person that should make me uncomfortable is ME- uncomfortable in surpassing my own limitations by leaving my comfort zone- uncomfortable in the sense that i can reach new highs of my own because i challenge myself to- no ones judgements can affect me- life is too short!

    : )

    • just realized its closed..sorry! :)