Google+ Parties – You’re Invited!

Good news for nerds…

We have finally been allowed to get up and running with our own page on Google+!

I say “allowed” because, well, we got in a little bit of trouble trying to pretend that “Betty Broke” was a real enough person to have their own profile. Needless to say, after weeks of bothering Google+’s team, we are now legit!

We’re using Google+ as a bit of a lounge¬†where all we do forever is talk about shopping, shopping trips, shopping loot and probably food. I can never really stop talking about food.

Anyway, since we’ve snagged your attention and forced you to read our thinly veiled, desperate plea for Google+ friendship, we may as well share the photos from our latest shopping excursion.


Marshalls in Westwood Village, West Seattle.


Saturday, November 19, 2011. 3pm.

The goals:

  • Holiday dress for Jen’s company party
  • Socks, socks, and forever socks.
  • Leopard print, cap-toe flats.
  • Ostentatious sneakers (more on this later…)

While we didn’t find my coveted leopard print, cap-toe flats, we did manage to find Jen’s dress, socks, and some seriously amazing boots (which you may recognize…) and a KAPOW! dress.

Look familiar? After coveting these for their behind in the Shoe Porn: The Rear View feature, we stumbled upon them at Marshalls for only $29.99! No one bought them, but I am 78% sure that Jen will be going back for them sometime soon.

This is a KAPOW! dress.

Pretty self-explanatory, am I right?

The “skirt” you’re seeing here is the bottom of the most perfect gold dress ever created. I initially had Jen try it on as a joke – “OOOH SHINY! PUT IT ON YOUR BODY!” – but it was so good that it came home with us.

In other “Lindsay Forcing Jen to Wear Things” news, this is the bodice of a gorgeous midi-maxi dress. It wasn’t long and it wasn’t short. It was just super-versatile, feminine, and badass with Jen’s amazing Mia Farrow hair.

Come play with us on Google+ for more!

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • November 27, 2011 at 7:58 am

    I love her boots. I will definitely wear something like that.

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