Handzoos: Your Own Petting Zoo

No need to travel elsewhere to pet a cute, sparkly (?) animal… Bring the animals right to your petting hand!

I’m slowly getting into this “animals on everything” thing that’s happening right now, but jewelry might be as far as I go. Although, I do spend my free time reading pet product reviews so who knows how far I will go.
These beauties from FJB are right up my alley. Click on any of the images to see the product page!

Admittedly, you probably wouldn’t want to pet any of these animals. Just saying in case someone tries to pet a lion and is like “But Broke & Beautiful!…”

The above three: easily my favorite. Moose!

These are super sparkly compared my usual accessories. Despite that, I’m pretty sure that rabbit is going to be on my hand a lot faster than I expected. (It’s only $30!) Prices on all of these range between $29.95 and $40, except for the Lion which is $147.95 and my moose, which is $87.95.

Which is your favorite? I was disappointed they didn’t have a hippo.

They did have a double-finger zebra ring, but there’s no real way to say that elegantly. As you can see.

  • That lion ring is the awesomeness.

  • Moose please.

  • Holy crap I love every. single. one. of these.

  • Tk

    Oh boy, being as I am a Pisces, I am going to have to get the fish ring!

  • Ohhh, that’s perfect for Pisces!!

  • My favorites are the moose and the fish rings. I’m generally a big fan of owls, but I think I only like them as pendants on necklaces and not on rings. I’m not sure I can deal with a bejeweled animal face on my finger.

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