How To Add Pockets to ANYTHING!

You know how much we love pockets around here. On the cutting room floor after every video is reels of Jen and me putting our hands into millions of pockets, all over Seattle boutiques. We love pockets.

I made a pact with myself in 6th grade that I would never wear a purse (I was a massive tomboy – JNCOs, converse, the works). I vowed that everything I needed to carry would be able to fit into my pockets, and if they didn’t, they weren’t worth carrying. Obviously, I’ve abandoned my pact, but I remain holding pockets in the absolute highest regard.

Along with me in this obsession is Lara from My Milk Glass Heart – specifically, dresses with pockets. We have an eternal bond now, as she has taught me (and now you) how to add pockets to any dress you own with only a few tools and a few minutes.

Have you ever added pockets to anything? Send us photos of your successes! We want to see!

Don’t forget to visit Lara at My Milk Glass Heart!

  • Yay! If anyone has any questions, I will most definitely answer them in the comments!

  • I love pockets too! Fortunately, I like to sew so I know how to add them. This is a great tutorial for someone who has never done it!

  • 8D POCKETS! I love my dresses that have pockets built in. Now I have to find a dress that I can sew pockets onto! Show us one you’ve done!

  • the_kcar

    No pix, but I’ve put these on tunics, and I’ve also put contrast piping and patch pockets on basic jeans, back in the 80’s/90’s…DIY rocks!

  • Stumbled on your web blog through AOL. You already know I am subscribing to your rss.

  • After I get my prom dress back from the tailors (for alterations I can’t make myself) I’m thinking of adding pockets. It’s not a poofy tulle bottom, just has lots on fabric and the side seams will hide them perfectly. I’m such a dork about pockets.

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