Pay No Attention To This Wedge…

I have been a blogger for almost four years now, and you all would cringe at the number of times I have hoarded things, for fear that you might buy all of them and leave nothing for me.

…But not after today! Today is the day I make a full disclosure pact with you. It’s my own responsibility to buy something moments before I share it with the world, particularly if it was on a sample sale site for less than $30 and sold out 30 minutes before I saw it.

You may pick up a twinge of bitterness.

What can I say? I found the perfect summer espadrille months ago while browsing online, bookmarked it, and patiently waited for it to drop in price (as I’m wont to do).

Matisse Asher Wedge | $92.95

Little did I know that weeks and weeks later, they’d show up on Ideeli at 30% of the retail price… and sold out within minutes.

That hasn’t stopped me from coveting it, though – that’s for sure. I’ve added it to my Amazon Wishlist, my Savvy Circle… Anything I can to keep myself looking for a great pair on sale.

Personally, I crave the Asher in black leather – it’s so versatile! The heel of the wedge is so interesting and unique – adorable! The support of the heel and the straps is so appealing. A hefty platform takes a lot of the pressure off – it’s the equivalent of a 3″ heel (that’s my most comfortable height).

Where do I get this beautiful shoe!?

Just look at them! They look so stable, they look so comfortable… That heel is my favorite feature of the shoe, hands down.

As gorgeous as this shoe is, though… I don’t really feel comfortable paying $92 for a shoe right now.

After scouring the ‘net for the best price and availability, I found these options:

    • $62 at in several sizes and both colors (the black is $62 and the tan is $62.27)
    • $67.71 at only in black, but several sizes are available.
    • $78 in tan at Lori’s Shoes, but only in a size 8.
    • $70 at Revolve, but only in black with sizes 8 & 9 available.
    • $66.81 on Amazon, but only for the black. They have sizes up to 11, though!
    • $81.99 on Amazon for the tan, and slightly more limited sizes (but still available size 11)

I also managed to track down some similar styles that are almost as swoon-worthy as the Ashers, but have a little different feel to them.

Steve Madden Cynthea Wedge | $54.99

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Look! Floral wedges! And they’re so similar to the Asher’s – I’m salivating…

Enzo Angiolini Romario Espadrille Wedge | $41.99

I’m not usually a fan of denim on shoes (or anywhere that isn’t pants, really…), but the dark denim on these is really attractive!

NYLA Kevinnee Espadrille Wedge | $74.99

There is an interesting “swoop” effect to these wedges – plus, Jen and I both love a good t-strap.

How do I wear these espadrilles?

Excellent question.

While, in the past, shoes like these have been directed towards dresses and a-line skirts reminiscent of the 70s and beach-combing communities, the world of espadrilles is changing. These days, I would wear them with everything from capris to sundresses, rompers to skinny jeans… Here are some pairings I’d love to wear the Ashers (or any of the above shoes) with:

Old Navy Colorblocked Dress | $24.94 
Matisse Asher Wedge in Black 

This dress reminds me of one of my favorite dream dresses (read: insanely expensive) from Celine’s Cruise 2011 (photo here), and – being that it’s freaking 85 degrees today – I don’t feel the need for anything else. Dress, wedges, copious sunblock and water.

ModCloth Hanging Tough Romper | $49.99 
Enzo Angiolini Romario Wedge 

This romper’s pattern is actually of a clothesline, filled with socks and shirts and cute things. Also – free belt! It only seemed fitting to pair it with the dark denim espadrilles. The neutral color looks great, plus the texture is welcome on next to such a graphic pattern.

GAP 1969 Patch Pocket Capris in Off-White | $24.99 
Forever21 Mock Layered Top | $19.50  
Steve Madden Cynthea Wedge

This might be my favorite outfit. It would work with all of the wedges, and that shirt looks so comfortable. The easy volume in the top (less the bulkiness since it’s only a mock layered top) plus the height of the wedges and narrowness of the leg creates really flattering (& comfortable) proportions.

What do you think of my dream shoe, or espadrilles in general?

  • My wardrobe lacks the versitility necessary to pull off these! I have a pair that are strappier but with the same idea in terms of the wedge, buuuuuuuuuuuut i’ve yet to wear them. I sense your bitterness ~pat~ all pain passes with time!

  • Stacey Ma

    Love it, I have the Enzo in green (very camouflage ish) got the at Nordstroms for 29.99 end of the summer. Wore them in Jamaica –loved it. Waiting patiently for summer. :)

    Love your blog.