I’m Wearing: Fall In The Street

Ooooh, no. Unfortunately, you will not see me falling in the street in this post. I have tricked you. I do not feel bad. (Hey, you’re the one who wanted to see me injure myself.) (I’d laugh, too, it’s ok.)

August in Seattle is not like August in other places. In Seattle, we start transitioning into fall in late July. Our heat is a mellow heat, with a few spikes each summer, and after that, it’s a smooth, slow ride into the crispy-warm fall air.

…But on those peaks of summer, we revel.

I’m not a big skirt-wearer, but when Karen Kane sent me this yellow, grey and black skirt… I had to try it out. I loved how it was lined (obviously, that dress is mobile and I believe I flashed a few empty semi-trucks), and the thick, elastic waistband at the top of the skirt is really versatile. It can be worn over something or under something with no problems.

The top they sent over – the gorgeous, brown confection – is my favorite piece they have. It’s so soft and subtly stretchy. Even after washing, the ruffles on the shoulders don’t fall, or get droopy. The wrap style of the top is really, really good for a busty chick like me, and there is ruching on the sides of the waist, which is super, super flattering.

Jen likes to take pictures of my butt. There were like 20 total.

On a serious-review note, the only gripe I have with this top is that the white tag shows through the fabric when the sun (or any light) hits it. Outside of that, I have never been happier with a sleeveless shirt! I wear it all the time. My mom came to visit me the other day, and as she pulled up in the car, I saw her mouth:


Damn straight it is.

Top, Karen Kane (c/o)
Skirt, Karen Kane (c/o) 
Shoes, Random Brand from Ross, $8
Sunglasses, Monikapolitan, $7 

  • I have to admit, that combination works nicely.

  • Oh to be a passenger in that semi! >> JK

    This is a very cute skirt. I fear such mobility but it’s so….wearable. Looks like it’d suit all seasons.

    • Yeah, exactly! The colors are so… vivid, but neutral… if that makes sense? Ultra comfy, too (save for the wind pulling a fast one)!

  • Really cute outfit! That skirt has great colors and looks so nice in these pictures

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  • Loving those fall colours!