I’m Wearing: For the Birds

Last week, we posted a little preview of today’s outfit post on Facebook, in the form of my tights.

They’re ostrich-patterned, or so I was told, and apparently, they’re also love-’em-or-hate-’em. Baileymarie says “kind of loves them,” while Liz thinks they look like “cellulite under a microscope.”

Oh my.

PS: This is the last time you’ll see this haircut. I’m getting it chopped today!

Lindsay loves how gigantic it is, though. (I admit it: I do too.)

This cute little top has a ruffle that drapes over my breasts in the front, and curves downward to sit just above my belt in the back. It’s like it was made just for this outfit, just for me.

What do you think of the ostrich tights?

Blue top: Gap outlet store, $20.99
Pleated high-waist shorts: Alloy, gift
Ostrich tights: Betsy Johnson via Marshalls, $8 for two pairs
Two-tone oxfords: Miz Mooz via Nordstrom, $89.95
Necklace: huckster on the side of the road, some ridiculously cheap price
Metalic belt: Gap, $19.99.

  • Jen

    I like the tights! I’d wear ’em. But what REALLY made me GOL (Gasp Out Loud? Is that way too lame or did I just make up a Thing?) is the awesome necklace you got from a huckster on the side of the road for some ridiculously cheap price. Score! :o)

  • The tights are great, but the oxfords are even greater! Love them. :)

  • Lisa

    As soon as I buy a pair of oxford heels, that’s going to be my go-to look for the early days of fall :D

  • I love that necklace, too.

  • Liz

    i am salivating over those shoes. i must have them!

  • Gia

    I am a big fan of the tights & that top!
    Great outfit, dear!

  • gina

    shut UP!!!! that outfit is beyond cute, from head to toe!!!!! and, sigh… i was just thinking of growing my hair into that supercute asymmetrical bob you have!!!

  • I think the tights are kind of cool! I’d try them out, definitely. Cute outfit!

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