Bugs get a bad rap. They are sneaky, surprising, and generally very unwelcome when considering something that has lots of hair, occasionally fangs, and/or the need to stay on your body as long as possible once they’re on. Sometimes, no amount of frantic blowing can get those suckers off you.

Did you get chills just thinking about it? Because I got chills while thinking about writing about it.

Some of my favorite costume jewelry is animal-themed, despite the fear inspired by their real-life counterparts, and after a quick glance through some new fall wares, I’m starting to see them pop up again.

Beautiful oxidized silver & diamond spider ring by Irit Design on Net A Porter…
Way out of everyone’s (well, your and my) price range…
This itsy bitsy spider is over $2,000!

The most common figures are the creepy-crawly types, which I’m more comfortable with in metal on my body than in my hair brush or my shower, personally.

You may have guessed this, but there aren’t a ton of super-bright colors in the pieces that we’re seeing, which makes them really easy to wear frequently (even daily!) which, of course, improves their cost-per-wear.

Torrid Silver Spider Ring | $7.98

Pink Crystal Scorpion Ring | $36.95

TopShop Bug Studs | $12

Ivory Stone Gold Spider Ring | $42.95

TopShop Big Bug Ring | $30

And my favorite creepy-crawly piece…

Monserat De Lucca Brass Ant in a Glass Bottle Necklace | $65

Maybe it’s just Halloween coming up, but I think that this little army of insects could become a mainstay in my jewerly box.

Would you rock rings like these? Too Elvira? (& would you ever cough up the $2K+ for that diamond spider?)

  • That brass ant in the bottle is just plain adorable!
    I love creepy crawly things. The cicada studs are fantastic!

  • I know they’ve been a trend, but I can’t seem to get on board! As cute as they are!

  • That ant in a bottle TEMPTS ME SO. My boyfriend and sister are both terrified of bugs, but I would play with them when I was little. =w=

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