Awesome Tee That Saves The World (And Happens to be On Sale)

Jus Animalium Culture Apparel (JACA) is a company that has devoted their aesthetic gifts to helping spread the word about animal cruelty – in the fashion industry and otherwise. (See the Jus Animalium Ethical Designer Profile for proof of their awesomeness.)

The nice thing about JACA and their mission is that you won’t get “That Dirty Activist!” looks from people while sporting their wares, because they don’t take an aggressive approach to spreading their message – they take more of a “conversation piece” approach. Their shirts don’t shame those who are unaware of the injustice committed against animals, they create subtle messages through images that are more likely to provoke people to ask about your shirt than to feel embarrassed or ashamed of their participation in any passive animal cruelty. Once they ask, you get the awesome opportunity to explain that the horrible situations animals are put in by greedy, unaware humans who have a superiority complex.

All ranting aside, they’re offering 40% off of one of their most interesting and beautiful shirts called Lobo, honoring¬†Lobo, the King of Currumpaw.


Jus Animalium Lobo T-Shirt

Lobo was a highly intelligent wolf, as most wolves are, who thwarted settlers in the late 19th century. He was fiercely loyal to his mate and, through a series of attempted captures, highlighted the cruelty and greed of humans as they stooped to astonishingly inhumane levels to try to capture him Рincluding tracking and capturing his ladywolf, Bianca, which finally forced  Lobo to surrender and die of a broken heart. This shirt honors the legacy of Lobo and the intelligence of all wolves by crowning him.

The man who relentlessly attempted to capture Lobo, Ernest Thompson Seton, said this after the wolf’s death:

“Ever since Lobo, my sincerest wish has been to impress upon people that each of our native wild creatures is in itself a precious heritage that we have no right to destroy or put beyond the reach of our children.”

JACA is donating 10% of every sale to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. The Lobo shirt is printed on 100% organic cotton and is ethically produced and hand-printed in the USA. Use the code wolf to get 40% off the $40 price tag, making it $24.