Loop/Twist (Fabulous Dresses Under $100)

Sometimes I get caught up on words. It’s part of the job, I think – writing a lot equals thinking about the meaning of words a lot – but sometimes it keeps me from all that visual lovin’ and leaves me frustrated with whatever it was I was thinking of blogging about.

Today, I decided to just pick a word and run with it.


Whoa. Hold the phone. This is what I get from a single, albeit awesome, word? Sweet!

This looped shift dress by ASOS is everything I want in my life: a pale purple (almost putty!) color, lots of texture, and a model giving me a dirty look while wearing it.


Aww, so cute! And are you ready? All those dots are actually hearts. You could get away with pinching little kids’ cheeks in this dress.


1. Teal.
2. Cute bow.
3. Perfect for days when you expect to have a Food Baby. (Lunch with mom, catered weddings, etc.)
4. 40% off.

…so that was the extent of the amazing Loop dresses…which meant, obviously, that I needed another word.


This is called a Workwear Dress, which seems about as silly to me as that model’s pose is. Did a test shot inadvertently make it onto ASOS’s site?

In any case, the color is “fiesta,” they also have it in “darkdenim” (which is really just blue) and the twisty draping thing is pretty awesome.

This dress is by Twist & Tango, so it’s kind of cheating, but LOOK AT THE PRETTY. All because of my word.

(Unrelated: I love that all of these have enough texture to be worn alone, but would look really good with cardigans/blazers and tights. Every year, fall is so much easier than I expect it to be.)

I feel like this is fucking genius.

It is so basic, but so metallic, and so fucking pinched…and it all rounds out to be this unexpected thing of beauty. I don’t even like metallic dresses, and yet here I am, in love.




Well, I guess those one-word searches don’t always work the way you expected…

One last thing: every single one of the above dresses costs less than $100. And we’re not talking $99.99 here – more like $30-$85, and all seriously on sale.

Which word should we use next?