The Whole World in Your Hands

Stumbled across this absolutely gorgeous Maison Martin Margiela ring while digging through the sale section of Far Fetch.

I’ve never seen anything like it, which (once I looked at the designer of said ring) didn’t surprise me one bit. Margiela’s designs are always in another dimension.

It took me until the above photo to figure out how to operate it. Now, needless to say, I wouldn’t mind finding one of these on my hands in the near future.

Maison Martin Margiela [Faux] Pearl & Silver Ring: $97 (was $152.01)

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  • It reminds me of those Nickelodeon (when it was actually good) mini, “The Adventures of Inside-Out Boy”– I hope I’m not the only person who gets this reference. It’s like the ring swung around the bar of the swing set with him and it turned inside out. Haha

    • The more Nickelodeon references you can use, the better chance I have to understand what you’re talking about. Inside-Out Boy rules!

  • Laura

    I had this ring! But it was stolen and I’m desperate to replace it. I tried the Far Fetch webshop but it’s not in stock anymore. You wouldn’t happen to know another shop where I could buy it? I’ve been looking for over a year now :(