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I can’t lie – when it comes to fun and toys, I am easily excitable. Grateful, sure, and definitely appreciative – but mostly excitable. After a while, like anything else, toys become familiar and comforting, so when they’re brutally ripped from my loving hands, it hurts. Bad.

So, Gilt and I had a fight. A lovers’ quarrel, really. They nixed their referral credit program, and away went my chances of buying 75% of the clothing they post. I’m completely shameless – I always used referral credits when buying anything. Sometimes, I won’t even shop unless I have spare credits with which to cover most, or all of the cost. I’m cheap! I’m proud. Is this news?

So when Gilt rid themselves of credits, I swore them off. As my brilliant friend Brianna says, “They came into my room and broke all my toys.”

But, alas… we live in the age where companies can’t hide from customer feedback. With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and e-mail, when businesses take a major step in the wrong direction – they can’t escape hearing about it. Conversations build, messages stack up, and a buzz generates. That’s why I’m ever-so pleased to announce…

Gilt has officially brought back referral credits.

Yes! The leader returns. $25 per purchasing referral, just as it ought to be.

My only gripe: They’ve completely thrown away the list of people who you invited before the credit-shut-off time. So the 100+ people who signed up to Gilt from my recommendation are no longer connected to my account, and since Gilt is a mammoth in the world of discount sample sites, everyone and their mom is signed up already.

So, while I’m beyond happy that they’ve brought back what initially made me refer people to their site (other than the killer deals, of course), I wish that they didn’t break all my toys before they did it.

Are you happy about the Gilt credit return?




Probably watching Netflix.

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