Mauve-ulous, Dusty Rose.

Remember 25 years ago when I wrote that post about stepping into the Grandma Zone with mauve? Oh, the good ol’ days. (Look how young I am!)

Well, a lot has changed since then, don’t you think? Mauve is a regular feature around these parts, and also I don’t wear orange freaking eyeshadow¬†anymore – queue embarrassment.

Personally, I choose to call the color in question “dusty rose” because it sounds more like it belongs in a western movie, and if you’ve been hanging around the B&B site at all lately, you’ll know that western icons and I have been having kind of a thing.

Any time you add “dusty” to a normal color, it kind of immediately neutralizes it. While you can’t treat it like a beige (well, let’s be real, you can do whatever you want), its dustiness allows it to fall to the background, letting something else shine over it. This color in particular gives everything a bit of a “rose-colored glasses” effect.

Dusty R Mauve Dusty Rose in Fall 2011

Just Cavalli Destructed Skinnies | $195 $45

There are approximately three reasons why you need these:

1. They are awesome.
2. They are like 250% off!
3. They are awesome.

Considering the discount, there’s a good number of sized left. (As well as other colors in case you’re not taking any of my advice and just want me for my ability to track down a killer deal.) Time to swoop!

Lord & Taylor Puff Sleeve Top | $48 $34.99

I unabashedly love shirts like this. It makes not really having to care about what you put on your body in the morning so much easier. Feels like a t-shirt, makes you look like a medieval princess. What more could you want from an article of clothing?

Betsey Johnson Faux Fur Scarf | $38

This thing has a snap, which is perfect for making it look like it’s a part of your favorite jacket or coat. I’m a big fan of the Lady Ascot look because I am an old man, so I would spring at the opportunity to try it with this. (Bonus points for a burgundy or maroon wool trench!)

C LABEL Alley Boot | $43.95

What mauve-tastic post is complete without a pair of 5″ wedges?

Ports 1961 Dress | $195 $45

I can’t get this dress out of my head. First of all, I don’t often freak out about designer labels because, hi, I’ll never afford any of it. I love watching runway shows and eat up all the new colors and styles and patterns. They being said, Ports 1961 is one of the few shows that I wait patiently for as images are uploaded. This dress is a cotton, silk and linen blend with obviously perfect draping and shape. I can’t believe this deal with M, L, and XL left in stock!

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Charlotte Russe Ruffled Scarf | $12.50

Such a pretty, soft-looking, pointelle scarf. Another ascot opportunity? Yes, please.

Now bottle, shake to combine, and put on your body. Wouldn’t this whole post make an intensely dusty look?