More Patterned Tights (Scary eBay Edition)

I’ll be the first to admit that eBay scares me. Every time I venture into the mouth of wholesale and drop-ship hell, I am almost immediately overwhelmed with options. I have aspirations to, one day, dominate my eBay fear and become one of those people who is used as a consultant on shows like Cash In The Attic – awesome at finding expensive things for ridiculous prices. Big dreams, you know…

Regardless of the physical discomfort that eBay places on me, I keep going back. It’s all because of the prices. Similar to TJ Maxx/Marshalls, it seems your ability to patiently dig for treasure typically pays off. But, if I know the people who read B&B – you’re here because you want me to dig for you. Fortunately for you, I do whatever you tell me to. (Almost.)

I’m not even going to both writing up a little blurb about why anyone should care about patterned tights. I mean – c’mon. They’re awesome. End of story.

Bandage Black Leggings | $4.99

Polka Dot Tights | $3.89

Tartan Tights | $0.99

…Or, you could avoid the over-exposure to the words “SEXY” and “STOCKINGS” and just play around at Sock Dreams for the next three hours.

Hmm… Is that my eBay fear talking?

Do you have any good eBay tips for a total beginner?

  • Oh my god. I am buying all of these. Thank you.

  • Jay

    As a novice eBayer, my advice would be that the buy it now option is much less stressful than the auction if the price is reasonable. Otherwise, it’s easy to get sucked into bidding a little bit more than you actually want to pay in the hope that you won’t get outbid again.

    • That’s a REALLY good tip!!

      • I’ve been at it for a dozen years, and I have to agree with Jay: it’s a lot easier on you if there’s a Buy It Now option and the price doesn’t make you swoon. Having been both sniper and snipee at various times, I can testify that a fierce auction will make the capillaries on your forehead burst.

  • You will make a post consisting of nothing but kittens…you will make a post consisting of nothing but kittens…Yessssss

    I’m really into those bandage tights!