Music Monday: Backstage Girl

Winter is my favorite time to get out of the house and into warm, packed bars to dance the heat back into my fingers & toes. Yes, my winters are full of pants-off dance-offs both in house, and elsewhere in Seattle’s rich musical landscape.

Backstage Girl

Lately, this song by DJ Shadow & Phonte Coleman has been getting me up off the couch and craving a bourbon on the rocks to swing around the room.


Download DJ Shadow & Phonte Coleman – Backstage Girl in MP3 form for $0.99!

It’s a pretty scandalous song, Backstage Girl… But it’s as saucy as they come. Excellent beat, excellent production, and overall amazing track.

It also makes me feel like I need a faux fur vest. I don’t know why – it just does. It’s warming enough for the walk to the show, but we all know how beneficial sleevelessness is for epic dance moves, right?

Bagatelle Open Faux Fur Vest | $49.97

What is your best dance move? And have you ever been a “Backstage Girl?” ‘Fess up!

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Probably watching Netflix.

One thought on “Music Monday: Backstage Girl

  • November 22, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    hahaha great segue “It also makes me feel like I need a faux fur vest.”

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