My Fake Store: Florals in Spring

I hate telling people what they should wear or how they should wear it. It makes me kind of a crappy fashion blogger, as I in no way consider myself (or anyone else) an authority on how to dress.

That being said, Jen and I both like predicting what next season will bring. While I’m not interested in telling anyone to run out and by trendy one-offs, I can say what I would stock in my store, if I owned one.

All the crazy sales are going on right now because it’s time to clear out the stock rooms for spring’s new pieces. Had I a large sum of dollars for which to start and run a shop, here is one style I would add for spring: florals, maxi length preferred.

Are you thinking “ew, gross!” – I understand. Being that I’m a pretty striped-or-colorblocked girl, myself, the idea of intricate patterns not only makes me uncomfortable, but also a little frightened.

I’m not sure I could respect myself in a liberty print, but some more unique, informal florals are… ok.

Dolce & Gabbana & Alberta Ferretti

As for the silhouette, I would probably look for the shape of Polyanna and the fabric of Jessica Rabbit. Does that make sense? The length (long, please!) and sleeves (short or half, please!) are super conservative, but I like the extra sass in using a slinky fabric, sheer silk, or lace.

I don’t see a lot of these around just yet, but I think they’re going to get some respect in the coming months.

Miss Sixty has a really beautiful one, though on the pricier side ($150). The other is from Alloy (& much more affordable at $49.90):

What do you think if my choice? Do you think that we’ll see floral maxi dresses in spring?

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  • I love a good floral and my fondness for maxi dresses is growing. I wouldn’t mind this trend catching on, though I don’t quite like the Alloy dress. There’s something about a grandma-floral and a shapeless cute don’t quite agree in my mind.

  • I think we’ll be seeing a lot of floral maxi dresses!