I’m Very Busy. (Mostly Just Illogical.)

I definitely used to be one of those girls who went dancing, and at the end of the night, you’d see me walking down the street holding my shoes in my hand, shamelessly walking barefoot on the city sidewalks.

While I may have been shameless, I definitely didn’t value the personal, intimate moments that the gnarly concrete and I had. Well, I might have at the time, due to my immense penchant for $3 gin & tonics, and copious dancing… But in retrospect, I’m glad those times are over. The ended the moment I was introduced to Kushyfoot Flats To Go.

My boyfriend took this photo because I was so proud of myself for bringing them with me, I had to have a photo. I may be mid-jump here. 

I was reminded of my lazy lack of forethought on a cute, romantic walk with my boyfriend. When you live on a steep-ass hill in the middle of a city, you might think that your cutest flats are the best option, but when you find yourself un-sexily limping about while trying to keep a coy smile – you gotta face the facts: they’re not.

Fortunately, squished up next to my wallet in my purse, I found the above pair of Kushyfoot Flats to Go (my exact pair here), and I resumed my adorable-ness, immediately.

I now have about three pairs of these babies, and I have fortunately never found myself in the ogre-esque, whining date position since. They all come in little, tiny, purse-shaped carrying cases, but they fit better into the cosmetics pouch in my purse without it. I end up using the white, perforated flats most often, but these are definitely my backup pair:

Basic Black.

I snagged a pair of shiny gold flats (I’M A PRINCESS, BITCH) and a pair of snakeskin printed flats, as well. I’m a lucky girl.

What’s your solution to mid-event, high heel/shoe pain?

  • sdjf;lkajfalfa HAIL THE PRINCESS.

    I grin and bear it. =w= I knew what I was getting into when I put the shoes on and my feet are such pansies.

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  • I’ve been carrying around a pair of Flats to Go in my purse for a while now. Little life savers. Lucky for your readers, they can have a chance to win a pair of Zebra Flats to Go on my blog this month. Simply leave me a comment. Good Luck! ? Silke