My Obsession: Draped Dresses for Under $150

Good morning, Friday.

This dress.

This draped, flowing dress…can you imagine the way it moves? The way it feels on skin?

Because that’s all we can do – imagine. This stunning perfection, made by Donna Karan and available at Net-A-Porter, is $3,295.

I love draped dresses in general, though. They’re flattering for absolutely every occasion: I can wear them on hot days and feel cool, on cold days with cardigans and tights (I love the already-layered look of draped dresses), when I’m feeling body-conscious and want to hide my torso from the world, and when I’m feeling positively radiant and want something striking to show myself off.

Besides, whenever I wear layered dresses I feel like a waterfall.

Warehouse Waterfall Drape Dress
: £45.00 (about $72)

I might actually sell myself for this one. Indentured dress slavery. Indressery. Dravery.

Three Dots Draped Front Dress: $118

This color is perfect, and the draping does everything I want it to: a slight asymmetry at the neckline, a flowing center, and a straight hemline. No jewelry necessary.

Topshop Orage Jersey Drape Front Wrap Dress: $68

In my perfect world, casual days would also be draped days.

Soft Joie Darrah Scoopneck Draped Dress: $138

A little more pricey than I’d like, but $138 isn’t three thousand. This would be stunning on a willowy body type.

Topshop Nude Drape Front Sleeveless Dress: $95

Dear Topshop: Please rename this dress something without the word “nude” in it, then send me one. Kay, thanks, hugs.

Calvin Klein Matte Jersey Drape Top Dress: $99.50 $79.99

Calvin Klein is such a great brand. Everything I’ve ever purchased by this designer has stood the test of time in wear and style. I’m a huge fan.

Wyatt Capri Jersey Draped V-Neck Dress: $125 $78.99

If those side panels were pockets, I could die a happy woman.

ASOS Drape Dress with Open Back: £35.00 (about $56)

Open backs that still allow me to wear a bra? Priceless. (Still, $56 for a dress like this is a steal in my book.)

Are you as obsessed with draped dresses as I am?

If not, what’s your current fashion obsession?

3 thoughts on “My Obsession: Draped Dresses for Under $150

  • July 8, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    I LOVE draped dresses as well and I find that they are severely underrated in terms of wear these days. I think they are super flattering and compliment so many body types.

    Also kudos to the shout out on Calvin Klein. Their clothing fits well and everything is so timeless. Definitely a go-to.

  • July 8, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Completely obsessed with draping. Lanvin got me hooked a few years ago. Donna Karan definitely does it best for average female shapes though. Sigh.
    I’ve had my eye on that last one for a long time.

    • July 8, 2011 at 4:28 pm

      YESSS Lanvin is so good at draping, omg. That’s probably where I got hooked, too! & Rick Owens.

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