Not On Trend (But I Love It Anyway): Poppy Red for Under $150

This is kind of like a “Would You Wear,” but it’s mostly me telling you to wear things, so I don’t know that it counts.

I’m so pushy.

The color poppy – that orangey bright red that almost matches the color of falling leaves – has been on my mind this week. I think it might be my favorite color for late summer and early autumn, maybe paired with seafoam green or pale pink accessories. It would seem a little unexpected, but imagine it – it’s really just right.

This dress stretches, which is perfect for my “flaunt summer curves, with a little room for winter eating” mentality. Simple patent seafoam green flats, please.

Next up: poppy-colored pants. I pretty much need these ASAP in my work wardrobe, kthxhugs. (And if I may make a seafoam green shirt suggestion…)

Poppy red outlines on a pink abstract pattern and it’s on sale? The lord hath blessed us, ladies.

Seam-Free Cami: $29 $14.99

Some of you would rather start slow. I understand. Put this cami under a sweater or draped cardigan or something. Easy.

Also subtle: poppy-accented jewelry. This could be paired with almost any color, given the right style of the outfit.

And lastly, this perfect skirt made out of perfectness and lined with perfection.

What do you think of this bright orange-red? Would you wear it?

  • I have a maxi dress in this color and I absolutely adore it. ?

  • I may need those pants. Red pants for fall. Umm hmmm….

  • Hell yes. I love ALL of these, and one of my favorite skirts is a poppy colored full, pleated skirt.

  • Gina B.

    OH, i second that “hell yes”!!! poppy ANYTHING! BUT- i need a little cheaper..just a smidge.

  • Not my favourite color in clothes, but I’d wear the first dress anyway – it’s so cute and vintage-y. As for the cuff – awesome!

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  • Love this color! I think it’s more wearable than red. Red is just so red! This mixes with a lot more and doesn’t seem so dramatic.

  • laura

    LOVE this color. current color of my pedicure, goes great with so many colors…the image of this paired with a dark or light grey just flashed through my mind…YES.