Old Timers: Retro Elements in Winter Sweaters

Grandparents and hipsters get all the best prints. Think about it – if certain patterns feel nostalgic to us, only grandparents and hipsters get to wear them. Ugly Sweater Parties have served not only as a popular topic for Facebook photo albums, but also as incubators for the famous ironic apparel trends from our generation’s Special Snowflake hipsters.

I say it’s time for a pattern free-for-all. I want Nordic-inspired grandpa sweaters without caring whether or not it’s ironic. I want it because my parents rocked them in the 80s and it’s a positive memory! Besides, while the patterns may look the same, there are tons of updated shapes and cuts.

Check out our favorite nostalgic sweaters, updated:

Old Navy Sequined Fair Isle Sweater | $35

Chaps Mountain Plaid Sweater | $47.70

dELiAs Nordic Fur-Trim Cardigan | $34.50

Old Navy Shawl Collar Cardigans | $25.99

What is your favorite print – nostalgic, new or otherwise?

  • laura

    love these! long live cute sweaters, ironically worn or not!

  • Both fair isle and argyle patterns make me super nostalgic. I remember one fair isle sweater in particular, circa 1988 from Nordstrom. Ok, now I’m dating myself…