I’m Wearing: Wedding Weeds

When Lindsay and I get together to take photos of our outfits, it’s an all-day event. We like finding those perfectly hidden, often overlooked locations, then spreading out our tote bags and purses and lip gloss and shoes (…so many pairs of shoes…), claiming the area as our own before shaking off that camera-shy feeling and getting down to business.

We’re like a weed that way, invading others’ space for our own benefit.

This is one of many secret locations we found, and it’s actually the least secret of the lot. The Corson Building, located in the otherwise industrial neighborhood of Georgetown, offers gourmet meals served at shared tables every weekend, and hosts events, fundraisers and workshops, all of which are surrounded by beautiful gardens and put together by local chefs, farmers and wine makers.

The Corson Building appeared to be preparing for a wedding as we tip-toed outside. No one seemed to mind.

This outfit was, like most of what I wear on hot days, thrown together as a mix of classic comfort and new stuff obsessions. I’ve already mentioned how distracted I get by all things new and shiny, and this top from JCPenney is no different. It has ships on it! Ships! It’s also incredibly comfortable.

The pants are by Karen Kane, and I like them so much that I washed and wore them again today. Simple, black and classically cut, they go with everything from fitted cardigans to, well, loose-fitting shirts with boats on them.

They’re also a great alternative to leggings if, like me, you absolutely despise leggings.

Toes! Hastily-painted toes, I might add. (I actually painted them with these sandals already on my feet, so I wouldn’t have to worry about slipping on shoes at any point before they were dry.)

Cropped Pants: c/o Karen Kane
Top: JCPenney, $24.99 (regularly $48)
Sunglasses and sandals: unknown and years old (sorry!)
Polish: Zoya Robin, $8
Lips: MAC Russian Red, $14.50

  • You say you hate leggings as if you didn’t tell me you kinda wanted some outside of the car after this shoot! :P

    • These are secrets, Lindsay! Like…trade secrets…but not! Secrets!

      • Oh. Well. In that case… JEN HATES LEGGINGS! Forever! Wow, she really can’t stand leggings! At all! ….

  • Love that you mentioned being camera shy. I totally feel the same way when I’m just taking a pic in the mirror!
    The ships are so cute. I didn’t really see them until the 3rd to last pic. And that smile! Adorable!

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