Oxfords Anonymous

The days are getting longer, the sun is starting to shine (intermittently, anyway) and I am still stuck on oxfords.

The first pair I ever loved – and you always remember your first – were my Miz Mooz Histerics, and we’re still together. I shine them once a week or so, and waterproof the toes to keep the rain out. (Now if only I’d quit scuffing them…)

You heat the leather with a dryer so more waterproofing goop sinks into the shoes. Mmm, warm leather.

I have another pair – black, vegan, from Wanted – and I’m wearing them right now. They’re comfortable, and are my go-to weekend flats. But with spring coming, I’m starting to realize that two pairs of oxfords just isn’t going to be enough. Not even close.

Is there a support group for this?


Nicole Eager in Jeans Blue: $109 $87.20

No need for blue suede shoes jokes, guys. I cannot tell you how much no one will make fun of me and everyone will compliment me the moment I start wearing these. I plan on pairing them with pink silk and lace, and maybe some khaki shorts if I’m feeling boyish.

Bronx Heather Bee in Cashew: $118.95 $46.80

These are so pretty in person. They come in three different colors, are available at Nordstrom (which is where I saw them) and this cashew color is a downright steal at Amazon.com. If I wasn’t buying a new car (new to me, and it’s going to be awesome) I would buy these. Now, actually. And I might anyway.

I need my fix.


Boutique 9 Ronnie in …white? Silver?: $130 $58.99

I never thought I’d see white oxfords that didn’t make me shudder, but here we are. I find it funny that the idea of painting a wall this shabbily is considered lazy, or ugly, but on shoes? Perfection.  The fact that they’re cheap to the point where you don’t have to dip into your savings accounts to purchase them is also a plus. I find it funny that the idea of painting a wall this shabbily is considered lazy, or ugly, but on shoes? Perfection.

Nine West Sindy: $80 $40.99

The less intense version of the studden shoe trend thing happening right now. You know, for me, because as much as I want to wear spikes on my feet (and you know what? I kind of do) I’d rather play with tacks. (They look like thumbtacks, don’t they?)


Miss Sixty Marlene: $140 $54.90

I’ve been trying to find some classy replacements for my run-out-the-door sneakers and flats. The former are really casual, and the latter…okay, they get all sweaty. They’re patent and cheap and I need new shoes all right? I always need new shoes. These are no exception.

Steven Melanee: $99 $68.88

I am ready for olive green to be a very important color this year. But not camo. Please not camo.

The Ultimate

I drool over these babies nightly. These oxfords are all by Osborn Design, and each is handmade, ethically produced and family-designed and run. We’ve mentioned Osborn twice at Awakened Aesthetic and may never stop. Each pair runs around $150.

What can you just not get enough of this spring?

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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE oxfords as well!!! Your pair is amazing, I love the mix of wingtip and cap toe detailing! I have three pairs of the Cole Haan ones (dark woodbury, woodbury and chmabray, and platino- which is no longer available on the site) and I get so many compliments every time I wear them!


    A bit pricey but with proper care a good pair of shoes will last you a long long time.

  • Colleen

    I love oxfords so much. My biggest issue in finding oxfords I can wear is avoiding leather! What are the chances you know of some cute oxfords that are vegan friendly?

    • Oh totally!! Actually, Wanted makes some really beautiful Vegan oxfords – Jen has some! Here is a link to their [vast] collection:

      • Colleen

        Thank you! I appreciate the link! Off I go :)