Peer Pressure: Flares

While I’d love to be one of those confident, charismatic, style ingenues who looks at the trends occurring around them and said, “Oh, pish posh. I’m not interested in any of that,” and carries on unaffected… I’m not.

And really, I’m okay with that. I love seeing the cyclical nature of clothing, and when a trend rolls back around after years or dormancy, I get excited in thinking about why they’re back, and what it all meeeeans.

Broke & Beautiful: Making Fashion Deep.

We watched the 1970s come down the spring runways late last year, so it was only natural that the most general trends from the era would trickle down to us poor, non-high-fashion kids. The beautiful thing about that cycle is that bloggers, in my opinion, take one style that’s popular and do EVERYTHING YOU’D NEVER EXPECT with it. It moves past “trend” status and into “Oh, damn, that’s just badass, regardless of the popularity” status.

That’s the exact feeling I got when I saw the darling Elaine from Clothed Much in these beautiful flares:

The trench, the hat, the length, the belt, the casual-but-fitted plaid shirt – everything is wondrous! If you don’t follow her blog, I have to ask you: Why not? This excellence is a regular feature over there.

I dislike when flares are shorter than the ones the beautiful Elaine has. I don’t like the gap between the shoes and the hem of the pants. I think it looks strange, and when the hem hovers just above the soles of your shoes – it has this beautiful, sleek, streamlined, non-disco effect that I really love.

1. WHBM Blanc Crosshatch Pleated Trouser | $49.99

These are so deliciously high-waisted. I have a thing for non-ostentatious contract stitching, and these do it for me.

2. GAP Wide Leg Trouser Jeans | $69.50

There is a chance that part of me loves this wash only because it’s called “Dark Dirty.” But the rest is all pure, unadulterated love for the versatility and drama of these flares.

3. TopShop MOTO Blue Jessie Jeans | $85

The cut of these is just dreamy. I like the not-too-light, not-too-dark wash, too. Very blue.

What are your thoughts on the re-emergence of flares & trouser jeans?

  • I’m all aboard for this trend. Thank god I didn’t get rid of my old dark flares… let’s see if I can still fit into them! Ha!

  • I am all over the Flare Leg Jeans and Pants. Being 5’8″ but carrying around more pounds than I need to these are far more flattering than Skinny Jeans which for large gals is only good to tuck into boots! Dark Wash are my favorite as well as they are slimming.

  • Eeeeeeee!!!! Thanks so much for the shout-out!! You are so sweet!!!

  • I am OBSESSED with my gap flares. I’m so glad that they’re back. They look good on my curvy frame. I feel AWESOME and sexy when I’m wearing them. I’m sold.

  • I have never visited Elaine’s blog–but I’m on my way!

    I like a flare–I’m tall, and I think it works for me. But if the flare is so wide most people would call it a “bell” that’s a bit too far!

    Amen on the long hems.

  • Ria

    I recently styled a model using flares like these total love. I love the right length too, it’s so important to get that just right. The model actually arrived on set with the most ostentatious contrast stitching I’ve ever seen so it’s funny you brought that up haha.

  • HELL YEAH! I just “borrowed” a pair of high waisted major flared levi’s from my mom’s closet that she wore back in the 70’s… I’ll be wearing them all summer long.

    • I love that “borrowed” is in quotes. <3 <3

  • I can dig it. I love the wash, cut, length, hem, and everything about the denim that Elaine is wearing. Bookmarking her blog this second!

    I have a pair of Parasuco flares that I have been wearing the shit out of the last couple weeks. They are amazing.