Personal Style: Compilations

When cold weather hits I get a one-track mind: warm and dry. More often than not that translates into tailored wool jackets, artful layers and fur-lined boots, but sometimes it becomes a mess of sweaters and whatever keeps my feet dry. The latter happened a lot this week, so I ran to Polyvore for a little inspiration. Here are my recent Stay Warm-spirations (which, fair warning, are a bit spendy):


by mimoda featuring silk jewelry

This was the first set that caught my eye – that knit skirt stopped me in my tracks. It would be so lovely against opaque tights, and fun in early spring, swishing against bare legs.


This needs to be my official “let’s pretend we’re going hiking this winter, but actually just rent a cabin and cuddle” clothing. The shirt is only $20, the jacket $100, and the boots $165. (I bet we can find them cheaper.)


Imagine wearing this to an office holiday party. It would be totally unexpected – pants! – while still looking festive. You can wear each of these pieces individually throughout the year, too – they’re all classic.


One more pretty set. This is the classy way to dress lazily: one dress, one jacket, one pair of boots (and probably, as it gets colder, a pair of tights or leggings).

Would you like to see any of these outfits recreated, Broke & Beautiful style?

  • love these collages — kudos to B&B’s photoshopper

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