PLNDR Giveaway Update: Strength in Numbers

In the strange world where you’re unsure about entering the PLNDR $100 giveaway, we’ve come up with a few combinations that should help fuel some magical fashion inspiration inside of you.

 How to spend a free $100 bill at

Option #1: Selective

Maybe you’re a quality over quantity person – good job! You have excellent shopping chops. Snag yourself a cozy peacoat, and pair it up with an adorable lace-cameo shirt (also comes in yellow!)! A cheeky skirt, big sunnies and a gorgeous Nixon bag are perfect compliments.

Option #2: Excited But Reasonable

Yes, yes, you love to show off how cool you are under pressure, and you’re the type of person who everyone wants to be – we get it. You buy doubles of things you love, and will wear forever, but are not hesitant to make a statement with bright colors. Everyone loves you and nothing hurts.

Option #3: Calculated & Thrifty as Hell

You’re a woman after my own heart… Finding the best deals, and the most ways to maximize your options and improve your wardrobe. If you win this giveaway, you will likely walk away with at least 10 items, and a gigantic smile on your face.

How would you spend $100 at Enter the giveaway for your chance to make it a reality!