Quick Look: Cynthia Rowley

It was a big pile of librarians with poor blood circulation at the Cynthia Rowley show. A few steps on the dowdy side of secretary met with a few steps on the sexy side of Alpine Aunt.

The accessories, though – those piqued my interest.

The boots and sunglasses came in all shades, but I just loved the details. The sunglasses, while acceptable in other colors (like tortoiseshell and black – of course), looked best in the lighter color, which debuted early in the show. The velvet ankle boots made me question my own tastes… I am at all interested in velvet footwear? But the matching socks underneath were the deal-sealer, ultimately. Sheer, mesh gloves were completely impractical, but looked awesome.

There were only a couple eyebrow-lifting ensembles, but it was mostly strange, sparkly fabric. The best:

See the rest of the Cynthia Rowley collection on Style.com.

What do you think? Are the accessories wearable?

Probably watching Netflix.

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