Quick Look: Rachel Comey, Wayne & Richard Chai LOVE

Here are three quick reviews of some so-so collections that didn’t romance their own post out of us.

Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey’s color palette was saturated and romantic at the same time. Her knits were chunky, her prints, vibrant and her skirts – the perfect length for almost any height. Every hue screamed fall from the dusty peach silk to the burnt orange sweater dress – even little peeks of life in vibrant greens and blues showed up. The layering potential here was strong, and a few of the dresses accommodated such ideas with a 6-8″ slit on the skirt or neckline, revealing sheer pleats (by the pound) underneath. Ultra-neutral ankle boots and oxfords donned the feets of the models, with an occasional blue or suede boot thrown in for good measure. We saw one printed shoe that we quite liked, but it seemed to have escaped after the first trip out.

Unfortunately, the apparent side effect of adoring brightly colored fall dresses is the presence of shapeless, heavy overcoats that were seemingly designed specifically to hide them. There were some unsettling cowls and blinding prints that kind of made me twitch… And adding a blob of chiffon below a half-created blazer does not good fashion make.

View the rest of the collection on Style.com.


Wayne was red and drapey. It was also white – very white – and drapey. Then, it was black and drapey. All that drape can fill a collection up… But, it’s after-dinner cocktail? Leather. Delicious black and camel leather. This collection was not only vivid and fun to sift through, it looked terribly comfortable and chic as hell. Not an open-toe to be seen, but platforms everywhere. Knits has motorcycle-style asymmetry and the [countless] leather jackets were simple enough to be eternally versatile.

Then there were grave and improper uses of the aforementioned leather. There were strange, German-goth hoods and sport, shiny red windbreakers. Well, they may not have been windbreakers, but why use your rent money to pay for something silk that is going to look like a nylon windbreaker, am I right? Despite the momentary sea-wear, I can see the knight in [leather & knit, hooded] armor – but it’s a bit too literal for me.

View the rest of the Wayne collection on Style.com.

Richard Chai

Appropriately named in every way. Their meshy blue plaid & polka dots melted me. Their alllllmost neutral color palette is both romantic and utilitarian. Add in a touch of pink to a gray, and it makes the most beautiful shadow color – I can’t get enough of it. The low-slung pants with fitted blouses give off that sexy-cozy businesswoman vibe that I love. It’s all so laid back and easy…

It seemed like every experiment that Richard Chai tried… sort of failed. They were all 65% victories with a very crucial 35% being a fail. The delicate balance of “laid back & slouchy” and “put-together chic” was thrown in various directions like crab pots on a commercial fishing boat (did you know Deadliest Catch is on Netflix Instant?!).

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What do you think of the above collections? Favorite? Disagree with us about anything?

Probably watching Netflix.

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