Rachel Zoe Needs To Read B&B

Months and months ago, I made the conscious, deliberate choice to receive Rachel Zoe’s daily (!) newsletter, The Zoe Report. I’d just gotten off a bad breakup, and had been stuffing my face with cheap cheese and The Rachel Zoe Project, and was having a bit of an episode.

The basic format is this: Rachel Zoe [‘s team] works hard to find some amazing, interesting piece of fashion – be it an accessory or jacket – and types up a big ol’ catch-phrase-fest about it. Then, at the very bottom of the e-mail, there is a second, tiny section called PARALLEL UNIVERSE. Are you wondering what happens in a parallel universe? Things get cheaper! Yes, even us broke-ass babes get to participate in fashion! We’ve come so far!

Anyway, daily e-mails are completely overwhelming to my sensitive inbox nerves, so I can honestly say that I’ve missed about 87% of them… But this weekend, I managed to catch a glimse of her Sept. 28th newsletter (ahem), which featured these completely, way-too-adorable rings:

Lulu Frost’s CODE rings! So cute, right? I love the idea of stacking these. Maybe even reppin’ the 2-0-6. Or, I could do one better and represent the price: $6-6-0.



Any sane person would then look towards the ~Parallel Universe~ for the answer to our price woes.

Ahhh, so much cuter! I love it when the less expensive items are better than the pricier ones. Although, while these Alphabet Rings from Catbird are definitely more “affordable” than the Lulu Frost bits above, $88 still isn’t a price that I can/will pay.

After seeing the price vs. the product, I shook my head and said aloud to my laptop, teacup and cookie crumbs: “$88? Amateur.

$88 for tiny, delicate, and no-doubt beautiful rings? I think we can do better. Rachel Zoe, allow me to introduce you to a little thing called Etsy.

Custom, made-to-order, sterling silver initial rings from A For Febre… for only $19 each. Yeah.

I am in love with the delicate simplicity of these sterling silver Tiny Script Rings from Punky Bunny Designs – they’re only $18!

In the event where you’re not into the sterling silver idea, these $12 brass or copper initial rings from Little Green Room are perfect! If that isn’t enough, from Oct. 7th – Oct. 20th, you can get 20% off your order with this code: FABFALL

The way these rings are stacked in this photo completely sucked me in. (Excellent job, Nelle & Lizzy!) These Alphabot Sterling Silver Stackers are only $16 each, and I need them, bad.

I added these because I know a lot of you are into a more old-school, vintage style (which I totally dig & Jen is all over it, too!) and the look of these Gunmetal Initial Rings from Out Of The Blue remind me of a combination of my grandmother’s drawer pulls, typewriter keys, and old wax seal stamp for envelopes. At $12-a-piece, they’re pretty perfect.

Are you into stacked initial rings? Which are your favorite? What would you spell?

Probably watching Netflix.

5 thoughts on “Rachel Zoe Needs To Read B&B

  • October 13, 2011 at 12:00 am

    I definitely think stacked rings make an otherwise boring gold ring into something with meaning. More meaning is good, right?

  • October 20, 2011 at 6:14 am

    Absolutely! I do the same thing when i see jewelry that I like, Etsy to the rescue!

  • October 20, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    These rings are super cute! But the best line in the whole post? “reppin’ the 2-0-6.”


    • October 24, 2011 at 3:06 pm

      Holler!! You’re reppin’ the 360 right now, huh? How is it?

  • October 21, 2011 at 6:26 am

    yup, love these!! and love Etsy!! I try to check their first when I’m looking for something specific!

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