Return of the Kitten

Remember a while back when I showed you those cat-eye glasses for a measley $7 and you all clicked, and bought, and they sold out and everyone was all sad on Twitter?

Well, if you weren’t there, that’s what happened.

Now that you’re caught up, I have good news! They’re back in stock, and have a saucy alternative for your perusal! Price is stil $7, so get both like me and we’ll be twin BFFs.

Thick Cat Eye Glasses $7

The only sadness? That bottom color isn’t a sleek black – it’s brown. And the one above it is dark purple (which I am in love with!). If you’re a die-hard black sunglasses-wearer, I’m sorry. But, your consolation prize is adorable:

Clear Cat Eye Glasses $7

The cutest.


Probably watching Netflix.

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