Review & Giveaway! EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone

I have been abusing myself, cosmetically, for years.

I’m one of those girls that beauty bloggers cringe at the thought of, makeup artists are dying to sit down and reprimand, and mothers everywhere scream “YOU’RE GOING TO GET A STY!!” at. That’s right, I share my mascara, andI am a apply-with-fingers type of girl. It’s true. I glob red lipstick on without lining first. My middle name is Danger, and I don’t own any Purell hand Sanitizer, ladies. Run to your dermatologists in fear.

Brushes? But why? My ample lady fingers are perfectly capable of smearing eyeshadow over my eyelid. Brushes? Pish posh! Well, let me tell you – you feel high and mighty in this mentality until you look down to the sides of your jeans to see every color of makeup you’re currently wearing represented in collage-form across your legs from the instinctual wiping of the fingers, post-application. That, I believe, is the time you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Okay. Maybe brushes are worth looking into.”

When I got my hands on a set of EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone… I was skeptical. Do brushes really make that much of a difference? Um, yeah. They do. Have you heard of blending? It’s a new concept for me, and I’m pretty much all over it. The largest brush in the kit is maybe the most fantastic brush I’ve ever used. Plus, I talk about Clueless at least once per week on this blog (see: the last post), so my obsession with Alicia Silverstone knows no bounds. Jen and I just watched Excess Baggage like 2 weeks ago.

Ok, ok, ok. I’ve glazed over a major point here: Why do I use my fingers instead of brushes? Simply put: the brushes I’ve used have sucked. Bad. Like, apply bronzer, receive bristles all over your face, clothes, shoulders… (not to mention stray bristle strands found in your bra later – that’s unsettling). That being said, you can understand my skepticism upon using EcoTools… But I had no reason to be scared. These brushes are amazing – and NO fallout so far! Not to mention the fact that they are so soft, I actually take extra time to apply whatever I’m applying… It’s like your face is an aristocratic ingenue and these brushes are the palm-leaf-holding cabana boy.

To celebrate my foray into big-girl makeup application, we’re giving away a set of brushes from EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone! Not just brushes, either – you get this adorable natural hemp & cotton bag in which to keep your lovely new brushes (plus a side pocket for pencils, glosses, tiny ninja stars, etc.

Here are all the goodies you’ll get:

Note: The winner of this giveaway will receive an identical set in an unopened, untouched package. No cooties.

To Enter:

Here are the different ways you can get entries (yes! Multiple! Aren’t we awesome?)

Pretty simple (we like to K.I.S.S. over here): fill out the form with all of your accomplishments, and be rewarded with entries!


Giveaway ends on April 17 at 11:59pm! Good luck!

This giveaway is now over – better luck next time!

Pssst… if you don’t end up winning, you can still grab the Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set for yourself for about $16!

Lindsay Ginn

Livin' in your basement, eatin' your canned foods.

  • Naomi

    I use a eyebrow pencil from anastasia even though i’m not 85 years old :) :)

    The pencil I use is called ‘Go Brow’ and it has 2 sides to it. 1 is a universal color brown which suits everyones eyebrows and simply makes your eyebrows look more filled in and prettier. and the 2 side is my magic tool! its a eyebrow highlighter that you color on over your brown bone and then rub it in a little. it makes your eyes pop! it brightens it up and accentuates both your eyes and eyebrows!

    On days that i dont feel like putting on makeup i simply put on some under eye concealer, a bit of mascara and use this highlighter and i’m good to go!

  • Lynda

    hmm… cosmetic confession. does putting on eyeshadow with fingers cuz i’m too lazy count? or that i love pastel green eyeshadow? =D

  • Lindsay

    Lynda: That totally counts!! Pastel green – meow!

    Naomi: Your first line CRACKED ME UP! Good confession! 😀

  • Szoticus Prime

    My version of taking off my makeup at night= splashing a little water on my face and passing out. I realize this is horrible for my skin, but I get soooo lazy at night.

  • Jenn

    Confession… I am 24 and I barely wear make up. That is changing though… School is just about over and I need to start looking more professional.

  • Marzipan

    At one point in my life, I permitted Seventeen Magazine to tell me frosted mint Covergirl lipstick was going to look “like so totally PERFECT with my skin tone!” Needless to say, it did not.

  • Danielle

    My makeup confession: I am a grown woman (23), yet only wear makeup when I go out on the weekend (this just started to happen in recent months). However, in grade 8/9 I wore white eyeliner with clear mascara, BARF!

  • S Jones from Atlanta

    I love make-up. My confession is that I let my make-up and brushes go way past their expiration date.

  • Erica

    My confession – I share lipgloss, with anyone and everyone…
    PS I “follow” you guys on twitter, but via the RSS feed through Google Reader, I refuse to have a twitter account, not sure if that counts or not…

  • Ten

    I was a goth (punk/skater/goth) when I was in high school. My makeup regimen consisted of lots of black eyeliner and purple lipstick. But my mother absolutely forbade me to wear anything untoward for family photos or holidays at grandma’s house, so I don’t really have any evidence of my wild youth.

  • Lindsay

    Erica: Totally counts!! :)

  • Sandra

    My makeup confession is I love love makeup and use it every single day !!! =) But the fun part cant do it without the best tools ever!! Eco tools!!! =D

  • Mortira

    Okay, I have a horrible makeup confession to make, too. When I bought my first set of handmade mineral eyeshadows, I asked the artist for some application tips, and totally ignored them! I’m still using cheap foam thingies, because I’m too cheap and/or lazy to find applicators that will do the job right. You’ve inspired me!

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  • Callie

    My confession… I don’t wear blush, because when I do, it looks like I got my pointers from Bozo the Clown. And I HATE clowns. Especially Bozo. I digress.

    Anyways, I use super-cheap brushes (or, more realistically, my fingers) to put blush on and it just never looks… right. It looks janky. And Bozo-ey. And frightening.

    • Lindsay

      I’m so so so scared of blush!!

  • Valerie Panlilio

    I LOVE ECOTOOLS! I first saw EcoTools while working at NYFW for The Green Shows, it was one of the few all eco-friendly fashion shows in New York at the time and a batch of EcoTools were sent as giveaways. I received a cosmetic bag as well with all her different brushes and absolutely fell in love. The brushes are great and feel so good on the skin as well. I’m so glad that you got to work with EcoTools, they are a great company! I love your site too and look forward to coming back and reading more of your material! :)

  • Meg

    Makeup confession time: I like to sleep late, so I go into the bathroom and put on my makeup at work. On busy workdays, I sometimes don’t get around to it until my lunch break. Whoops?

    Oh, and I totally use my fingers to apply things (except blush and powder – I carry a blush brush in my purse), and I’ve never used lip liner in my life.

    • Lindsay

      I’ve never used lip liner either!!! I don’t even know how… =X

  • Gienah Ghurab

    Oooo I really really need some new brushes; I wear little non-natural makeup and always cruelty-free, so these would be awesome. :)
    I don’t know if I have any makeup secrets or confessions.

  • middlecricket

    i have bought not 1, not 2, but 4!!!! different glitter eyeshadow gels this year. i have used all of them already, and i am closer to 30 than 20. i don’t know if i’m throwing caution to the wind because i’m old, or to spite my age. i also bought and used a glitter perfume brush. i need help.

  • middlecricket

    i have bought not 1, not 2, but 4!!!! different glitter eyeshadow gels this year. i have used all of them already, and i am closer to 30 than 20. i don’t know if i’m throwing caution to the wind because i’m old, or to spite my age. i also bought and used a glitter perfume brush. i need help

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  • raimy

    I only wash my hair every other day

  • raimy

    I wash my hair every other day

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  • Shanna

    I never take my makeup off at night =(
    Horrible.. I know.

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  • libgirl9

    I followed EcoTools on Facebook!

  • libgirl9

    I followed @Broke_Beautiful on Twitter!

  • libgirl9

    I am a fan of Broke & Beautiful on Facebook!

  • Tina Renee

    I use the cheap little eyeshadow applicators (that come with the eyeshadow) instead of brushes to apply my eye makeup!
    I’ll change this bad habit if I win!

  • Mamavalveeta03

    Confession: I love to color my lips in with lip pencil and then use a matching gloss over the top so that my color lasts for a long, long time! (and it never looks dried out like that uber-long last lipstick crud)

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  • Jen

    I don’t use lip liner either! ha!

    My confession is I don’t really feel I know how to apply eyeliner. does it go on before or after shadow? I’m probably doing it all wrong.

  • Benita

    Here’s my confession. When I run out of blush, I use lipstick which I dot and then blend on my cheeks.


  • L

    My makeup confession is that I don’t wear any on a normal basis! I try to stay away from it. But I use a green-tinted moisturiser which helps smooth out the redness my skin and a little chapstick. Best look.

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  • Shelley

    My makeup confession is that I always use eye primer under my eyeshadow to keep it looking great all day long! :)

    seashell210 at gmail dot com

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  • Rosie

    Hmm…cosmetic secret. I mix blemish balm cream with skin oil to blend in my skin so the cream won’t cake during the day.

  • Jessica Dearnley

    My little secret is that I use conditioner on my legs before and after shaving.

  • Dovile

    Shhh, don’t tell anyone my secret…

    When I was a teen, I used to paint my nails with a metallic silver nail polish and used a lipstick of the same shade. I probably looked like a zombie, but I simply loved the silver color:) I still do, but at least don’t use it on my lips anymore.

  • Katie (Fashion Frugality)

    I own two brushes total. And they’re both blush brushes. True and sad story. :)

  • Vittoria

    i never remember to wash my brushes!

  • Cristina

    i sometimes put concealer on my lips instead of using lipstick! they made your lips nude and created a really great base for gloss!


  • Morgan Ashworth

    confession: when I was 13 I had a foundation sample from a magazine that I managed to make last at least a month. I hate to think how orange and streaky my face was.

  • tracy

    confession:i hate bubblegum pink lipgloss!its just not me.

  • Kathleen Mokus

    I only use my fingers to put on eye shadows, blushes and powders! Eep! D:

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  • Julie

    Oh me too – I’m not nearly as bad as you but stil lol! I can definitely use these brushes because I NEED them and probably won’t be buying news ones just yet.

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  • coco

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that we wrote about your giveaway. When you are holding a new contest feel free to submit it to (it’s free and it will get you a new link) Thanks

  • Sadi

    I am ur follower vi gfc as Sadi
    I am a fan of EcoTools on Facebook as Sadia Latif
    I Follow @Broke_Beautlful on Twitter as Sad20ful

    I am a fan of Broke & Beautiful on Facebook as Sadia Latif
    I Tweeted here :

  • Lindsey Turner

    I use white shimmery eyeshadow as highlighter because I’m too cheap to buy 2 products!

  • Lea

    My cosmetic-related secret is: put lipgloss on your eyelid! I saw it in glamour magazine and tried it out. Looks great.

  • Angelie Oro

    My confession about make-ups: I like to wear make up at home, like when trying out a new look or just wanting to pose on the cam. BUT i dont wear them when i go out. i feel shy or something lol

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  • eileeniebeenie

    I very rarely wear makeup… maybe I was just waiting for an awesome makeup toolkit like this one! :)

  • Dee

    I sometimes pat a little blush onto my lips post lip balm application for a soft pink look.

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  • Eden-Avalon

    I sometimes put on lip gloss in the middle of the night so that when I wake up, it’s to cute kissable lips!

  • Dipti A. C


    My Confession,, I love to put my blush n kohl on even if I am going to drop somebody who stays 5 mins feel that it keeps me up to date all the time..


  • Hofken

    I use toilet seat covers as face blotters – while I’m sitting there

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  • Maribel F.

    Sometimes I don’t des makeup

  • elle

    i keep lush soaps in the fridge

    xoxo elle

  • Susan P.

    I rarely use lip liner and usually don’t wear any make-up at all.

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  • Charity S

    Fan of EcoTools on Facebook!

  • Charity S

    Follow @Broke_Beautlful on Twitter!


  • Charity S

    Fan of Broke & Beautiful on Facebook

  • Charity S
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