Sponsor Spotlight: Smashion!

Not only was that a clear and direct title, I also heavily enjoyed the alliteration.

Anyway! I’d like to introduce all of you to B&B’s newest sponsor, and your newest addiction: Smashion. It is like all of the best parts of eBay, mixed with really, really fashionable users. Like, if eBay gave you a test in aesthetics before you could sell anything. Essentially, that’s Smashion (also, smashin’! Sorry.).

More than a market, it’s kind of a community. You know how Etsy Fiends all seem to bind together, and talk shop whenever they’re near one another? They’re kind of like a fancy, indie clique. Smashion is less clique-y, but still has some cool community features, like a forum, style gallery, and a blog – speaking of, they’re looking for contributors! They also have a “Lounge” where you can catch up on the latest fashion news from the absolute, 100% best blogs out there (OH LOOK, they included B&B! What a humbling coincidence…).

Further differentiating it from typical auction/indie sales sites – it’s free. Yeah. They don’t take anything from you, whether you’re buying or selling. How sweet is that deal? And yes, you get to have your own “shop” so as to not get lots inside of thousands of similar sales. Also, your listings stay up until you take them down. There’s no fascist time constraints or anxiety-provoking ticking clocks. You can literally has a store with them – of your own things!

Anyway! Enough with the hard sell – none of it’s really needed once you see what kind of loot you can pick up. I browsed for about 10 minutes and found these glorious beauties:

This J. Crew Lace Skirt is only $40, and has only been worn once. It’s in perfect condition! If I were a size 6, I’d snap it up!

Beautiful, right? For those who appreciate designer jeans, these puppies are by Helmut Lang and cost only $94 (trust me, that’s a bargain in Designer Jean Land). They’ve never been worn and have a ton of really detailed photos so you can see the great details. Size 29 (boo, but also yay for someone else).

Drawn to this, of course, by my love for all things plain and gray, this is actually a BCBG Max Azria dress that’s not only brand new, and unworn – it still has the tags on! Retail for this beauty is $118, but on Smashion, it’s $55. Yes, please.

And since I seem to be falling to the prey of All That Is Fashion Week and rekindling my adoration for color and pattern… I have to throw in this beautiful Arden B. shirt dress for a truly staggering $9. If you’re a size small and want a beautiful, unique dress – grab this ASAP.

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Do you think you’ll use Smashion? Have you used it before? Dish! Dish!

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