Spring In Another Time

I’ve been staring at this dress for 15 minutes:

Jessica Simpson Floral Sundress $98

I have a feeling I’m about to enter a serious floral phase. Pretty sure it needs to kick off with this dress. I hear the sizing on Jessica Simpson dresses (well, products in general) is a little… off? I know their shoes are said to be really uncomfortable (I’ve never tried), but it makes me nervous about the dress. Where is the Reputation Management Department?!

Back to florals: I like (for some reason) the cute, country effect of the above dress… But I also think I might like something a little darker:

Alloy Morgan Chiffon Dress $29.99

Pockets! Pockets always win… but I also like the detail in the floral print. It’s not big and blocky like some others. Antiquated! That’s what I’d call it. I wish this dress had more structure, but knowing it’s cute with a belt is helpful.

And then we have the Ballsy Floral:

ASOS Watercolor Floral Dress $62

Not only are you wearing gigantic botanicals all over the majority of your torso, but you are rocking an interesting cut, and showing some epic leg. Hence: Ballsy Floral. But the colors – look at them! They are so pretty, and really sophisticated considering the shape is kind of girly.

Florals get a bad rap. A Grandma-level bad rap (as opposed to Soccer-Mom-level or Experimental-Junior-High-Fashion-Victim-level). The more important thing I learned about making florals into something that’s nice instead of something that’s hilarious (for me) is realism. The more realistic the flower print is, the larger the chance that I’ll wear it. The drawn, detailed, meticulous prints on these dresses are selling the idea of a Floral Rebirth really, really well.

What are your favorite florals? Are you feelin’ the rebirth?

  • This is certainly a thing I need to find more information about, many thanks for the blog post.