Stealing Miu Miu

Ok, we’re not really going to steal anything… But we are going to do a bit of creative imitation of some of the cutest sandals in high fashion right now – the Capretto sandals by Miu Miu, which are currently in stores.

Look at how they shine! Neon, metallic, cutouts, buckles… It’s like a veritable rainbow of trendy delight.

Perhaps it’s my 24/7 ogling of various fashion blogs, magazines, and periodicals, but sometimes I notice trends growing on me like new moles or freckles. One day I look, and op – it’s just there, on me. Sure, maybe at first it might bewilder me a bit (freaking highlighter yellow? Are you kidding me?) but after a few days, weeks, months… I start to like the little fella. I give him a name, and maybe draw a little house for him (him being the trend – are you following along?) and he becomes part of my family.

Basically, I wouldn’t kick those neon flats out of bed for eating crackers. Dig?

Unfortunately, Miu Miu doesn’t exactly fit my meager budget, nor will it ever. It doesn’t cost a cent to get inspired, though! That’s why I’ve reached out my shopping fingers and tickled up some new sandals for summer, inspired by Miu Miu’s Capretta sandals. Hey – if you have $700 laying around, by all means – snag a pair! Until then, you can pick up one of these:

Metallic Sandals

I’m a huge fan of silver shoes, and while I’m still warming up to gold, I can get behind the idea of it being paired with something else, like black (but not white, we’re not on a cruise ship here). (Unless you actually are on a cruise ship in which case I’m impressed with your wifi!)


(From top left, clockwise) BC Sleep Under The Stars Sandals ($60); Born Macadamia Sandals ($72); Annie Serenity Sandals ($35.96); Yellow Box Hannah Sandals ($52.80)

They all look terribly comfortable. I’m a fan of the lower left sandals for their simplicity and the upper left sandals because they’re so unique!

Neon Sandals

This is a forum I have yet to venture into, personally… I can see the appeal of the neon pop, but I’ve never tried it, myself. Well, unless you count the 80s, wherein i was amidst a great wave of WTF fashion statement. Besides, I was only 5.

(From top left, clockwise) Gabriella Rocha Elsa Sandals ($59); See by Chloe Sandals ($57); Steve Madden Saahara Sandals ($84.94); Nine West Makaia Sandals ($59)


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Boot…Sandal… Things?

Obviously, I have no idea what to call the type of sandals that climb up your ankles via buckles.


(From top left, clockwise): Irregular Choice Attack Sandals ($62.08); Steven by Steve Madden Rapture Sandals ($99); TopShop Suede Cuff Sandals ($95); Shoebox Suede Gladiator ($29)

I’m a little scared of what these will do to my leg proportions, but… Those purple Topshop sandals… they call to me.

Which of these bad boys are you eyeing? Would you try the neon sandal idea? Can I sing pun-laden songs about brightness to you if you do?

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  • HAHA! A few weeks ago when I wrote my post on how to imitate the Summer 2011 accessories I purposefully may have skipped Miu Miu because I couldn’t find satisfactory replacements for those EXACT sandals. <3 Great job here!

    I think we need pics of you in the 80's. For fashion and science.

  • nice sandals. they’re just perfect for summer.