Strawberry Cheesecake

Yesterday was a weird day. Everything reminded me of strawberries.

First it was, well, an actual package of strawberries, which I cut up this morning as an afternoon work snack. So healthy, right? Don’t worry. It didn’t last long.

Then I saw this on Tumblr and wanted to live inside a Mario game:

Right?! I want to bounce on those pillows and watch a mushroom or a star pop out.

Come to think of it, Mario’s hat kind of looks like a strawberry…

…anyway. Then there was this dress – yeah, you know that’s what this post is really all about – and after that there was me remembering that I brought those sliced strawberries to work. At the end of the day, I got off the bus and found my boyfriend just getting out of his little red car, holding two pints of strawberry cheesecake ice cream. See? I told you the healthy eating didn’t last long.

But back to that dress.

It looks like strawberries and whipped cream. Lacy whipped cream. Whatever. It’s delicious.

It’s also on sale, today only, for $30 cheaper than usual. $42 for this lacy, pretty, needs nothing but a pair of shoes so your feet don’t get dirty dress.

“Yes, that’s a lace point directed at my boobs. And?”

In short, I’m probably buying this dress today, and also probably becoming obsessed with classically bright colors this summer. Red is only the beginning. I thought you should know.

What’s been on your mind, lately? Has it translated into your wardrobe?

PS: I just saw the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode where someone tells Willow she tastes like strawberries. SEE?!

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