That’s Why I Still Love It Here

“I can’t let this go, I’m on my way

And you can only hold my diamond ring.

I go crawling back to the city I love

‘Cause it’s already taken everything.”

I already have so many trips planned for this summer: Mississippi in May, Utah in August, and at least a couple of trips to the islands with Lindsay, one of which I have decided will be our “annual work retreat.” (Does that mean we can expense it?)

The more excited I get to step away from Seattle, though, the more I feel attached to this city. It’s home, you know? That one place that, no matter what memories it holds, is a part of me – is mine.

I got to thinking about summer in my city, and what coming home after dusty road trips and packed flights with screaming babies might be like. The jackets to keep out the chill, the shoes that stand up to sudden downpours, the rare moments where I’ll brave the wind and wear a dress…

The options below are what represent a summer in Seattle – a coming home, of sorts – to me.


As you peruse, give this song a listen. I first heard Good Old War via a Guster show, and I have to say that these guys could have been the only act – surprise! – and I wouldn’t have cared. They’re kind of amazing live. In any case, Coney Island is my “coming home” theme song. No matter what’s gone on, no matter how eager I’ve been, at times, to break away from the familiarity of this city, the sight of rain flooding the sidewalks and the smell of sea water mixing with the sound brings me right back.

Almost-Useless Jackets

fLuXuS Go Go Trench Coat: $194 $77 // Spiekwak Harding Belted Wide Lapel Coat: $218 $130

Current/Elliott Wind Breaker: $253 $101 // BB Dakota Quinn Coat: $114 $59

Jackets are a requirement, even in summer, due to the suddenness of rain showers and high winds. The thing is, we all want these warm, structured jackets (which we shed, along with two other layers, when the sun comes out) but we have no intention of buying or using a hood. Or an umbrella. ‘Cause that’s for tourists.

Dresses You Can Wear By Themselves Only Three Times a Year

(But you mostly bought because you can wear them with a cardigan and tights)

Parker Seamed Silk Bustier Dress: $242 $169 // Grey Antics Halter Mini Dress: $187 $157

Erik Hart Racerback Sweater Dress: $242 $85 // IMPROVD Hi-Low Tank Dress: $148 $111

I’m positive that one of the reasons most “Seattle Street Style Blogs” fail is because, on the street, we’re always covered up.  You’re wearing a dress under that almost-useless jacket and sweatshirt? Ooooh, you put it over skinny jeans and boots because it’s cold. I see. It’s always cold here and we always have to adapt to the weather, thankfully the boot depot gives us al the choice and wamth we need , check them out here for work boots.

Shoes For Work, Shoes For Play

Upon visiting this fair city, you will notice that every downtown office worker carries a gigantic bag. It’s not a fashion statement; it’s just that we need a place for our heels. Who wants to give up fashion just because it’s raining a little, our bus was late, and our coffee-balancing fu is a little off today?

Nine West Damrie: $78.95 $55.27 // Steven P-Want: $119.95 $59.98

The best places to get happy hour drinks in the city are, at minimum, ten blocks from my downtown office. No matter.

Converse All Star Sneakers: $60 $36 // Seychelles Password Pumps: $90 $63

I give you the classics. This actually makes me nostalgic for Seattle summers with Lindsay – her casual style and my office-wear, epitomized.

Steve Madden P-Helio: $79.95 $47.97 // Jessica Simpson Jackson: $75 $60

I know some of you will be getting into gigantic wrapped platforms this coming season (I’m personally still on the fence about this “flatform” situation) so I had to include these. Non-native Seattlites might think that a gigantic wrapped wedge is safe in inclement weather, but they’d be wedge-ruiningly wrong. Mud and road grit will ruin them faster than anything else. I have a couple of pairs of patent flats for just this reason: if all else fails, all I have to do is rinse them off.

Nine West Getby: $79 $29.95 // Nine West Bottos: $99 $59.40

Cork, on the other hand…

These are surprisingly safe on Seattle streets, whether it’s raining or eighty degrees. I buy a new pair every year because pretending I’m taller than 5’1″ is really fun, and the stability on these means I don’t have to carry an extra pair of shoes on the bus. (Confidential to those riding the 8am 125: it was way too packed this morning, but none of you smelled bad or talked loudly. I appreciate that.)

A little note: some of these links are from Reverse, which is a members only site – here’s an invite if you need it.

What makes you nostalgic for summer in your city?

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  • April 25, 2011 at 8:09 am

    I can’t get excited about flatforms. They’re just so unflattering. I’m all about the high wedge heel for summer. For Summer in Richmond, I always think of cuffed dark jeans, Chucks and a tank for hopping rocks on the James River.

  • June 16, 2011 at 6:47 am

    I really like it very nice coat and sandals. Thank you for sharing your site . Girls will love this . I will share this to my friends.

  • July 26, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    That’s some good music. My favorite pic is of the halter mini dress.

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