Welcome To Summer

The only two ways I know that summer is coming are: a) it’s Memorial Day and that usually means that the end of May is here, and b) it’s been in the low-to-mid 60’s in Seattle.

Without those two facts, I’d be pretty screwed.

That being said, I have some big plans for summer, sartorially. Along with my Give No F%@ks Red Lipstick (a part of my master plan to stop caring what face people make when they watch me walk down the street in getups and styles that make me, you know, visible), I have introduced I Could Care Less Headscarves into my repertoire.

Meet my permanent, unintentional, good-natured bitchface.

I am still a novice at this whole “tie a thing around your head”… thing, but I’m pretty excited about the idea that I can have 4-days-unwashed, greaseball hair, and I can throw it up until a whatever-this-is with the aid of a mere scarf. I haven’t tried wearing it around with my hair down, though I’ve seen enough ladies do it that I ought to at least feel a semblance of vicarious comfort with the idea. That being said, I am not Mary-Kate Olsen, plus – I’m not even sure I like how that looks, anyway.

This “knot” is one of about four that I’ve tried with a scarf. This scarf is unusually gargantuan, which makes some of the other styles I’ve seen a bit more difficult. The “tails” of this scarf hang down and are too long to tuck into the back, which is ok. I like the idea of having everything all neat and tucked in, too, but with this scarf’s color combo and pattern, I feel like it’s ~*casual enough to leave ’em hanging. There are also a ton of non-band-y ways to tie scarves – check them out!

Ugh, epic Music Festival Sunburn, how I loathe you.

It’s cute, right? I think it’s cute. And I am way into the idea that scarves are super cheap, and super gorgeous. I wore this one out to the Folklive Festival with only a gray v-neck (this one, actually) and felt, as we like to call it here, Casual But Not Really. I think that being able to tuck in the ends will make it less casual, more “not really.” Here’s a horrible photo of the knot I did (which is just a twist):

What do you think of this idea? Headbands always wreak havoc on my temples/head/life, and scarves are super cheap, and super fun to collect (not to mention super versatile). Would you guys be interested in a tutorial on the different ways to tie your hair up like this? Tell me in the comments!

Probably watching Netflix.

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