The Beginning of the End: ZARA Comes Online

We all knew it was coming. It’s not like we were blind-sided by it, or anything. We just… know… that we’ll be affected. Financially.

Dear ZARA,

Welcome to the US [Interwebs].


Credit Cards Everywhere

I’ve been waiting and waiting for ZARA to get some ecommerce action in their US site. As of Tuesday, they finally did. Yes, Jen and I have already placed two orders. Yes, ZARA is now our new favorite website.

The wedge above are the current object of my affection. Look at them! There’s leather, wood, beautiful burgundy color, a sock-welcome shape… Want! And they’re only $129. I won’t buy them at full price – it’s against my religion – but I will covet them silently (or not… so… silently) and wait for them to appear on eBay or on Sale if ZARA has a Sale Section. Does Zara have a Sale Section?

Have you peeked at the new ZARA site? What do you think?

Probably watching Netflix.

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