…and Then I Got Distracted (Welcome to Seafoam)

As I was whining about poppies

– I was also looking at seafoam.

Nature is my bitch.

And now I’m nature’s.

Lindsay and I both firmly believe that this outfit is doing everything right forever. The striped seafoam green top (swoooooooooon) and double-layer skirt are both by Splendid, and they retail at $65 and $81, respectively. Not too bad for the best outfit ever, thanks.

Would you wear this outfit? If your answer is no, why the hell not?

If your answer is yes, you’d totally wear it with everything ever, every day and never wash it, amIright?

Watercolor image by Charles Santore, 1991.

  • Amanda

    No, sadly. I love the color combos, but it’s too baggy for my taste. I have a very petite hourglass silhouette, and I find that everything needs to be tailored well or I look: (a) like I’m wearing a potato sack, (b) heavier than I actually am, or (c) not very well put together. I would probably wear a shirt with a lot more structure with that skirt, or skinny jeans with the shirt. Not both the shirt & skirt together.

  • Hell yes, flawless, etc, except I’d probably wear it with boots or Docs because I’m THAT girl.

  • Yessssssss. Love it,
    except I’d ditch the sandals.

    It’d go really well with my peep-toe bow flats, so I’ll wear it forever and always. :D

    • Ooooh, good call on the sandals! I never really got a good look at them before. Bow flats would be so cute!

  • I’m with Jen. Go with the sequins. You only have a few days left, ya know, to wear anhyting above the knee. Then, the fashion police blast us for daring to show any skin.